Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HAPPY RAYA EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY RAYA TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT!!!!!!!!! Mine? It sucks because I and the rest of the form 5 in Malaysia will be having our Trial soon.. So, like they said, "Raya ni bukan kita punya!". And to add all the tense and pressure that we had for the upcoming Trial, I just got a Raya message from Teha and it says
" Mintak maaf dari SCAPULA sampai FIBULA atas segala PARALLAX ERROR and ZERO ERROR and segala INVOLUNTARY ACTION yg dilakukan tnpa CONSCIOUS CONTROL. Dharapkan msj ini dpt jdi CATALYST utk kita upgrade MOMENTUM n PROBABILITY kita supaya mlakukan REFORMATION n TRANSFORMATION......." kau memang sengaja kan teha?? =.=" Terus takde feel nak Raya and teringat kat ma whole packed of abandoned books!

Plus, I dont have new heels for this year and it sucks because I never had Raya without new heels! So double SUCKS! But, it is okay, because this Raya is not just any Raya, to me tho.. As I can feel that ma sister and ma brother are growing up really well, as I can felt a lot of different in them and Im enjoying it! To ma sister, tho that I annoyed you a lot, I also love ya! Sorry if I did anything that hurt you, Raya kan? Chill la!

Ma kurung was sponsored by Mak Teh! She went to Mecca recently and bought few kain for the gurls in the family. So our family got the brown one!

kak long-me
(Dont I looked like wearing a tudung labuh?? Kak Nab gonna be soo proud of me! touched)LOL


The night before Raya I went to Azwan's! I spend ma whole night there playing firecracker and a lot more! And I did gossiping with ma tweens, Shasha! Aww.. Miss her soo much! I think, this night was a total different as our night before Raya will always be having iftar outside and did our last minute shopping or just enjoying watching Raya movie together in living room.. But not this year! Once again, ma first time playing firecracker and they ROCK!

shasha-me---> =.=' noob

woot woot

We even had Abg Kam there playing photo shoots. Abg Kam were desperately wanted us and the light combined in a pic.. Haha.. I don't have the pics as they were all in Abg Kam's dslr. I did few using mine, but look at the result, failed! Those in Abg Kam's dslr was perfect!

Then, Mak Su brought out Kak Aina's new pudding recipe! Yum!

My Raya start with peluk-peluk cium-cium sessions with ma family, and with Kaklong had been started working this year, she gave me and the rest duet Raya too! haha.. habesla, your budget lari! Then, we went to kubur to recite Yasiin to Atuk, Nenek and for the first time this Raya, to Pak Long as well as he just left our family on April this year.. T^T I'm gonna miss you Pak Long as you're the best uncle I ever had and you're just like ma grandfather too.. Al-Fatihah

Then went to Mak Long's and Mak Lang's. Duet2 raya!!!!!!!!!!!

This year Raya, I have soo many working and married cousins means more duet Raya la people! Yay!!!!!!!!!

We even celebrated Mak Su's birthday with Baskin-Robbins Celebration Cake!!!!!!! Yumm!

And I ended up ma Raya in Mak Cik's house!

Mr. Stalker once said, even if we have any problems that disturbed our feel to be-Raya sakan, we must also celebrate it as it is Sunnah! So, despite on whatever things that had interfere ma peace and fabulous-me zone to celebrate Raya as I always did, I don't have to care about it! In conclusion, ENJOY RAYAAA PEOPLE!!!!!!!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who haven't prepared anything for her Trial yet,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Okay, you know who you are....
Eceh, I'm so happy la dah dapat jumpa a friend of mine..
Okay, you la! Yes you! You kan stalker kan?! Okay la, let me tell the others about you..
We became friends as we were in the same agama school in 2005 and were in the same class... We always had fights between each other, at one moment, I can still remember how we had a big fight till I cried! lol! Until now, he felt so guilty and kept repeating 'sorry' words countless time.. =.= I'm okay la dude, chill okay?????

So, I'm so happy la! At last we meet again and you still remember me and noticed me! I'm really happy and frankly typing, I did searching for you, padanla tak jumpa, you went to boarding school rupanya.. And well, in this great Ramadhan month, Allah S.W.T. had united us by just clicking! I'm glad that Mark Zuckerberg had invented Facebook, or else, we will never ever had the chance to see each other again! So Mark Zuckerberg, you ROCK!
Thanks to Allah S.W.T. too, seriously la bro.. I'm soo happy to actually reconnected with you again!

So you the stalker! Mesti happy kan, because I had make a special post just for you! Okay, go on tersengih sengeh happy sorang-sorang depan PC, and then pergi bangga diri in front of your friends that you actually got a special post made just for you! lol!

Okay ma bro! Don't ever forget me and stop contacting me! I kinda miss ya actually! Missing to have fights with ya okay, jangan fikir lain pulak!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who had send a message to a wrong person thanks to you Mr. stalker,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo