Sunday, January 31, 2010


wiiiiiiiii......... (its not Nintendo-wii okay)

Yeah.... So praise Yahweh, Hallelujah and sing HALIMAH JONGANG OST song.. haha

No more KUMON!
(Actually I wanna post this yesterday, but tho that I've got ma results about boarding school.. which is MRSM and surprisingly I've got it.. Pretty mess up with Shasha last night.. So, I'll post it today)

History of KUMON in ma life..

I started KUMON when I was in standard 6 and that was because I cant recite ma multiplication table. Then I get along till I'm in form 3 which is last year.. As I learned in KUMON, they have some kind of process named Completer... And I was 3 level below to become a Completer.. Its really a waste if I stop here, because I just need to learned 3 more level to be a Completer, but I really felt that the reason I'm in is not because of being a completer but because for the sake that ma multiplication sucks eventho I'm in standard 6.. So, I think thoroughly and I decide to quit KUMON..

At the moment, Ayah disagreed in it.. I don't know why, but I cry because I think KUMON is a burden for me to carry tho I have a lot more things out there that I have to do then doing KUMON everyday.. I even asked Miss Low (ma instructor) about ma decision.. Well, she agreed but with a lot of advised that consequences that I can be a Completer.. But I really don't want! I just wanna a stop!

then, Ayah agreeeeeed........... HORAAAAY!
love you Ayah!


Some things that I loved about KUMON..

But to having this 1 everyday? NAAH!

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by a teenage gurl who really tired,

wawa cyrus

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Okay, now I understood Syira's felling when doing the sivik thingy..

Its really hard and we have to put like 1001% of concentration when doing it..
It's a HARD WORK okay..

Our group did on Dato' Nicol Ann David..
And every year she's got her achievement, so the graph was like very long and I have to do it! Its me! No fair at all.. But as a good member on the team, I felt really responsible and I do it.. Yeah, I did!
I took like half an hour to do it.. Pity me.. If I take a risk to not do it, Pn Fauziah will be like ******** at me.. hehe.. Like she said "This is LIFE! LIFE is unfair!" hahaha.. Sorry teacher...

So here's the result..

Make a note that ma line graph is not even straight! haha

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by a teenage gurl who really tired,

wawa cyrus

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I've got ma new specs..

Its big and blacky..
Its really big and have power okay..
Its seriously not the kind which got no power like ma old big blacky specs..
Its got power..
Again, its got POWER..


Hey Monster! Noticed ma ZITS?

Look on ma lips an the lips on ma top! Same huh? (naah!) haha...

I'm trying to do the Pn. Zainab thingy.. Can't match it! Rite Celest? hahahahaha.......

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by a teenage gurl who just got her new specky,

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Friday, January 29, 2010







Yes! I am fat.

Yes! Ma skin is like a Negroes, no it even worse that you dare to called me a Nepal gurl!

Yes! Ma buttock is big! I know that your buttock is small, but who cares, If you're a good friend, you'll never say such words to me!

Yes! I had a lot of zits! So? Its a process to be a teenager! Wait till you have one, then you'll understand how I felt being mock from a monster like you!

Yes! I had a big boobs, so? Do it ever disturb your comfort when you come near me? NO AND NEVER! So, stop calling me that I had a verry big boobs! Uh, you yourself doesn't even noticed that your boobs is bigger than mine?! What a joke!

Seriously, I am a gurl who is very sensitive when it comes to beauty. Yes, I'm not perfect and I will never be. But, if you really are good friend, you'll never say such words to me!


Please, do have some respect towards your friends quality. Don't simply judge me by ma appearance by not looking to ma sensitiveness..

We all have issues on something.. So? Be a good person by understanding one's sensitiveness..


another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who having a bad traumatize,

wawa cyrus

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Sunday, January 24, 2010



Okay, I'm kinda busy to post this last week, so I'll post it today!
Last week, 16th of January, ma ayah had a 'Family Day' organized by his company-LEMBAGA GETAH MALAYSIA! LGM, you guyz rawk!
It was an awesome day, I really had fun! duhh.. It was Sunway Lagoon.....

I'm too lazy to write about it, so I just post some picto.. Enjoy...

I'm with Captain Quack! If you guyz noticed why I'm wearing a t-shirt tho that I had wear ma swimming suit, it was because I had some extra baggage surrounding ma buts and ma waist.

We're sitting in the VIP side. It was kinda cool tho that everyone eating in a tupperware, but we're not because we're sitting in a table serve just for us. THANKS AYAH FOR BEING A COOL DAD!

Look, I'm trying the poco poco dance.. Eww, trust me, ayah forced me to do it!

Those clowns were so funny!

Look, I'm doing the body art kinda thingy, make a noticed that ma hair was like suckish because I just went for a swim then I do the body art thingy... So, that's the results of wawa cyrus hair..

I'm the weird butterfly gal..

I'm so childish! Why do I ride alone? It was because I had a non-sporting sister! I wish abangah was there, it will be more fun and we could ride it together..


We ride it with some weird disgusting couple! Urgghh...

That splashing thingy was awesome dude!

Fuyoo.. It's ma first time seeing a tiger! Haaha.. Cant wait for our 'Khidmat Masyarakat!' because we will be going to a Zoo! Cool huh?

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by a teenage gurl who was kinda busy,

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You'll wonder if the person who behind this blog is still alive? Haha..
Okay fine, I am ! So no worries to whoever thought so..
Here's the deal, I'm gonna write about past year story that gonna make you guyz feel really weird and said "What's wrong with this gal?"


And he will not until he meet me! And that's it!
To whoever who wrote about his wedding on papers, "YOU GUYZ ARE STUPID!"
Seriously, please! Make a details or meet him and ask,"Are you married?" Don't you guyz learned about asking?
It was just a scene from a sinetron!
Don't just accused that he had married and post it on all over the paper!
Huh! Now I'm angry! You guyz make me cry for a day on all that fussy lying story, then doesn't even want to make another report about he denying from married with that Nay(something) gal!
urrgghh.. I hate you, REPORTERS!
You guyz are nothing but IDIOT!

Wanna sue me? Come on, do you think that I even scared, because is not me who make a stupid report! It's U guyz!
I found the news that he was not married just because of the sake that an innocent gal, called Munera told me (lucky me that I knew her) and I google it, and I found this

And this is what that make me angry to the max!

This gal called herself as Nay told the press that she and Dude were not even married. Fine I like that but what make me angry so much that she told the press that she is not Muslim and never gonna be! What! Who the hell you are that you are so dare to said you never gonna be Muslim. If that so, why you always said "Masyallah, Alhamdullilah and Ya ALLAH" when you're acting! You Idiot! You sir, have no rights to say "aku gak kepingin untuk jadi mualaf" if you wanna said such beautiful words! Urrghh... Doesn't she go to school? IDIOT!

Wo, how many bad words that I used today! but I really mad and anti to that jerk woman! Urrghh..

Wait till I meet her and slap her!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who hate Naysila Mirdad,

wawa cyrus

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Saturday, January 9, 2010



I've nothing to blog it just that I wanna post this last year, but apparently ma schedule being a Diva was full, and I cant post it! haha..

So, 3 days before new year, I went to mid and I forced ayah and ma bro to go and searched for Miley Cyrus book, which is Miles To Go. Surprisingly, ayah found it(cool dad huh?). And I was like, what the hell! This is not the original book, the original book is hard cover and have a lot of Miley's photo on the back. Oh noooo...... This is the paperback edition which MPH was sold out the original one. So I was like mad to ma brother because he had seen the original one when he went to mid with ayah but he don't want to buy it! urrgghh...

I'm so confused whether to buy it or not? So I was just like "Ayah, nak beli la. Nanti wawa menyesal....". Then ma ayah was like " Are you sure? Nanti kalau jumpa yang ori punye?" But, on that time, I was just thought that this is the only time I could buy it. I just scared that it will sold out. Then I bought it...
So, 2 days before new year, which is the day after. Me, ayah and ma bro went to Suria KLCC and we went to the Kinokuniya and surprisingly ma ayah saw the Miles To Go original edition.(What is wrong with me la? Why is always ayah will found it, not me?). And I was like ahhh!(screaming to your intention) I want it.. I want it.. I want it..

But, ma ayah say "NO! You have it, but in the paperback edition. It just the same la wawa..." and I was like, making baby faced but it not works..

Urgghh, why don't U told me that we're going to the Suria KLCC tomorrow.. urrghh.. I was so depressed, I just hugged the book and we just go.. Bubye Miles To go.. Mummy love you..

Okay, now I 'm okay with it, It just the same book with a different condition..

I love it!

Guess what? Miley knows Indonesia and Thailand! That means she knows Malaysia!(I hope so) Yay! She wrote on 100 things I want to do before I die..

no. 47- live with family in Thailand and experience their day.

no. 48- dig a well in Indonesia.

I just love this book! Go Miley!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who admired Miley Cyrus,

wawa cyrus

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Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay, here's the story time babehh(read it with a slow motion and add ehh sound in the end)..

Yesterday we got our first assembly (actually it was the second assembly),
and I was incharge of doing the PA thingy coz I'm a dedication prefect! LOL!, then I saw a pair of tray full of FERRERO ROCHER! And I was like, yay, today is the day they gave us the FERRERO ROCHER for those who got straight A's for PMR! Actually, this was just ordinary present till we get the real one on "HARI KECEMERLANGAN".

So, I was super hyper about it, I told kak Hawatul about it, coz I, her and Wan Ting were incharge of that PA thingy, so we like sat together..
And I told her how excited I was to get the FERRERO ROCHER.. And she was like teasing me telling that ma name will not be called out.. And its truth! What! Ma name was not called out!

The story begins..
When the 8A's gurl had received their FERRERO ROCHER, and Pn Hasni just go on and read the 7A's gurl. And I was like sweet niblets!
Where's ma name, I started to cry, I felt horrible, I felt ashamed, and I kept asking where's ma name.. I cried and kak Hawatul was trying to help me cool down, and it went worse, I bursts while crying! Then, kak Ezza came, Shasha and Nadia came towards me to cool me down.. Suddenly Madame Kwan noticed that I'm crying, so she went towards me and first thing that she did was hugged me.. I cried even worse! Then Shasha told her that I've got straight A's but ma name was not called out.. So, Madame Kwan told Pn. Hasni, on that time Pn. Hasni was like done telling the straight A's gurl. She was like " Okay minta maaf, saya tertinggal lagi satu nama, dipersilakan NUR AZWA. Minta maaf ye semua.."(Hello, seriously ma name is just AZWA MALIZA! Not NUR AZWA) on that time Pn. Norlia was just sat, and she stood up again just to gave me the FERRERO ROCHER.. She knew I was crying (for god sake ma eyes were red) and she gave me the FERRERO ROCHER and gave me a triple kiss! WO.... I've got kissed by Pengetua! Super cool! Then the crowds were like "wooooo......." hahaaha...
and I was like walking infront of the teachers and they said " Azwa awak nangis ke?" and they were like laughing to me! They laughed about ma childineesshh because of that three FERRERO ROCHER!

Okay fine, is not just about the FERRERO ROCHER! Its about ma hardwork, ma pride to walk and get those infront of Pengetua, I want peeps to know that I've got straight A's. But it will not gonna happen just because they missed ma name! Its just not fair! NOT FAIR!

But all of this got sort of like wisdom from God, because of ma name was missed, I've got kissed by Pengetua and everyone were like "woooo..." and everywhere teachers were like sarcastic me for crying.. And I was okay about that.. And Allah had shows that I have a good friends, friends that will be there whenever I had something terrible happen to me, they will always there for me! Thanx guyz.. I luv y'all.. Even Fatinie wrote about this on her blog! Thanx, I luv y'all..

That was the moment that I never thought could be happening to me..

I havent eat that FERRERO ROCHER. I was thinking to frame it and hang it at ma bedroom wall.. hahaha(can I?)

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who wanted to keep that FERRERO ROCHER,

wawa cyrus

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wazzup blogger!

well, I have a brother and his name is


I'm not sure how to describe him, as far as i know,

  • he is actually a bit irritating.. ( a bit ar bro?)
  • Seriously, I'm not gonna called him bro, I called him "abangah sayangku.." eww, hell no! I just called him "abangah!"
  • he's now 19 years old and studied at UITM PENANG same as Doda's bro. What a coincidence. Cool huh?
  • well, I like the way he treated me, coz he always be my one and only irritated bro..
  • I'm not gonna say it, so I just type it. I LOVE U ABANGAH! (errrrr........)

here's ma poyo bro... (abangah, wassup with that spec?)

U guyz will never believe this, he ask that sis (some one whose in charge on writing words on top of the cake) to write SWEET 19 on his buffday cake.. like eww.. that's why, every single day I called him pondan and I forced him to drink KOPI JANTAN! haha.. ma mom will always scolded me whenever I called him pondan! hahaa..

guess what, I wish the day before which on 7/01/2010. which I taught its his birth date.. Gosh.. I'm a bad sis! T^T
mummy nagging me for wishing him yesterday. Honestly, I felt really guilty, coz he never say anything, he just say thanks.. wow, you really are a good brother.. thanks abngah... thanks for not being offended to what I did yesterday...



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by a teenage gurl who actually miss her brother,

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Okay, its a bit a shamed to wish "WELCOME 2010" where today is 8/01/2010.

Whose gonna cares, is ma blog and no one who actually read it..
Okay, here's the deal, I'm gonna write ma resolution for 2010..

Here's ma resolution.

  1. I'm seriously gonna stop being mean to peeps that I hate so much.. To those who knows me, U'll understand..
  2. I wanna exercise more vigorously (haha.. science word!) so that I end up looking like Doda! Yes, I wanna shape like you Doda!
  3. I wanna get rid of all ma zits at ma face so I have a chance to win Clean and Clear this year.. Poor me and Doda..
  4. I wanna make a hit show on you-tube feat. ma best ties..
  5. I wanna be a great student (only in studies! not ma character in school!). So that ma bro, doesnt look down on me.. "hey bro, I wanna show that I can la bro. MALAYSIA BOLEH!"
  6. I seriously wanna be a bad gurl (in a naughty way) so that I could have the best memories when I old and married and have twins! coz, I'm actually gonna be sixteen..(quite hard to type that six.... word)
  7. I wanna be an idol to those who hates MILEY CYRUS.. (bluffing!)
  8. Seriously, I just wanna be me!

To ma perception, peeps nowadays are wasting their time thinking of ideas to make resolutions, but in the end, we just be us in 2009.. nothing had change.. yeah, nothing had change (no offense to those who actually success).
I seriously gonna make the best of this year being me, as who I am!

( shasha, azwan and me!)

this pic has nothing related to ma resolutions, we're like celebrating our successful results in PMR.. congratz shasha and azwan for getting straight A's! we're in ma house. p/s: I hate that chocolate walnut (correct spelling ar?) coz its tasteless plus it had a lot of nuts!. I know, the name shows but I hate it! boo you nuts!

HELLO 2010!

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by a teenage gurl who suffered being a form 4 student!

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