Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yo peopluhh....
Abangah, my one and only big bro is still studying in a University which is called UiTM Pulau Pinang taking Mechanical Engineering as his course... So, he'll be leaving Kajang before his birthday which is on 8th of January 2011..


Tho you make me sick and annoyed me, making me hating you like everyday but still, you are the best brother evuuh! I miss you here, and I'm gonna sick to write this, but honestly, I LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My Gedik Abangah with his so common birthday cake, Indulgence! Seriously, I'm tired on seeing people keep ordering Indulgence for her/his birthday cake. Come on peopluhh.. Secret Recipe has various of cake to be chose on rather than buying Indulgence for most of the time.

Ngeh ngeh, yet it is still yummy!

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by a teenage gurl who love her abangah (ewwww much!),

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A very late stupid post..
I don't go to London like Aizat and Zariff did, I don't go to Bangkok like Hanna did, I don't go to Cambodia like Put did, I don't got to Bandung like Esh did, I don't go to Singapore like Shafiq did or to anywhere abroad.
I went to Sabah ma father's hometown which practically mine la kan.. LOL
It was supposed to post last year, but I save it because of mini trouble caused..
anyway, just enjoy and read the post!

"Yippee, BALIK KAMPUNG!!!" =.=

Like duuhh, mine was the pink one!!!!

How I have a big family, we rent a van to the airport.. o.O

In the Golden Lounge waiting to departure to Kota Kinabalu. I don't diet okay! My lontong hasn't arrived yet.. Acting like a spoiled rockstar having breakfast here with a new seventeen while waiting for my lontong.

Seriously? Rockstar with hijab?! Heck yeah! Doesnt mean, me wearing a hijab cant be a rockstar babe..

I captured a rainbow! cool huh?

See told cha that I don't do diet thingy...

Can DS provide lunch like these for us everyday?? please....

A yummy desert!

If I post this last year, it will be more elaboration here and there, but I am a busy girl who lack of time.. So for the first three days I'm in Sabah, I went to Kota Kinabalu and then for the rest six days, I went to Tawau, ma real hometown!

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Friday, December 17, 2010


Okay, I'll be holiday-ing in Sabah ma hometown which obviously ma father's hometown if you peopluhh know the real name of mine. My full name is AZWA MALIZA BINTI HAJI MASAHULING. Peeps kept asking me, "Ayah orang mana?". Ma answer, " Sabah baaa.." HaHa.. So, no updating this WAWAMANIAC blog for about 9 days..

Okay blogger, don't miss me. I'll be back in 9 days and will promise you guys to update about ma holiday trip to Sabah baa..

So, chow!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who not so loving her life in Sabah,

wawa cyrus

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


HaHa.. Okay2, don't be mad at me Qwerty, I'm just joking.. What had happened to this blog, I'm just like listening to peeps and post whatever they wanna read in ma blog! Well, Imma kinda okay with it because I don't have any idea to post and its something cool to post this because I really wanna explain to all you people why I'm wearing ma tudung right now and forever..

"write about ur boyfr..boyfrie...haha no lah write the reason why did you wear tudung after living at boarding school? what did the teacher tell yo??"-qwerty-

Dot.. Dot.. Dot..

Okay, I kind of don't know how to start it because this issue might be sensitive to certain peeps.. Well, this is sensitive to me too before I wear ma tudung or headscarf or hijab or whatsoever they called it.. Okay, let it be simple, tudung.. I hope it is find to the readers..

Before I started wearing tudung.. I really hate to hear peeps kept asking me, mostly the pious in Islam why don't you wear your tudung.. I remembered and always remembered this... When I was in standard 5, I went to this tuition near ma house.. I registered for only two subjects which is English and Maths.. I and this only gurl which make it two, the two of us don't wore tudung.. One day, this English teacher called me and this gurl to meet her after class.. She was actually a Christian and became an Islam few years ago.. I don't know the exact time when she became an Islam.. She asked us to wear tudung when come to her class.. Well I couldn't say no as I was only 11, and pretty dumb to say no tho.. So I just wear it as she wants it.. Then, after few years entering the same tuition till I'm in form 3.. Frankly speaking, I was annoyed with maself and felt sorry for the English teacher because I hate wearing it.. I am not soo sincere to wear tudung to the tuition as most of ma attire were to sexy and I will look like stupid when wearing it with cardigans, inner and match it with jeans whatsoever.. As a result, I kept cursing maself when getting ready to the tuition.. See how bad you are when you are just wearing it for the sake of someone else or not sincere..

To me, we have to be sincere to Allah for what we does, Insha Allah Allah will help us..

So, how I managed to wear tudung when I'm actually a wild child before this.. Its hard to commit, but I guess I became like this was because the environment.. Well, ya know that I'm from Convent which all gurls and no guys.. So this covering body stuff from guys had make it nothing to me.. I don't even care about all those stuff.. And maybe because I wanted so badly to be famous and be a singer or maybe an actress that make me want to be more and more sexy and keep me far away to realise how important for a Muslimah to keep their pride and followed what Allah had asked us to.. And yes, maybe was because a REAL bad influenced from Miley Cyrus that I don't want to wear tudung..

So, those old times has vanished from ma mind and I don't wanna be the old WAWA CYRUS who hate to wear tudung and be the MUSLIMAH WAWA CYRUS whose still a rock star! ngeh ngeh..

Why had I change?????

It was all because for this Ustaz! I love Ustaz Zul! He changed me! He made me! He is the most powerful Muslim that had make one wild gurl change TOTALLY to become one Muslimah gurl who obey to Islam's demand. Thanks Ustaz, for everything.. His words were magical, if you were sincere in his class, you'll touched by every words that he says.. Its true! Asked ma friends.. He is really good and know the way to teach about Islam to a stubborn gurl like me. And not to mention because of The Arrivals.. Click it if you wanna know more about it.. I watched it and its sane! It make me changed like A LOT! It had been shown in the surau after we had our Maghrib prayers. The Arrivals make me crazy! I cant stop thinking about it after the show.. It was full of info that make me more realise how wild I am and how far I am from Islam.. Plus, I've been looking to a few gurls in the college.. They were so pious in Islam.. They have beautiful hairs, body and what women dream on having such perfect skin.. But they wear tudung.. See, how cool are them to protect their pride from others.. Yes, they had all of it, but that doesn't mean that they should show it to others.. Its theirs and they wanna show it only to their husband and it was one of Islam's Rules to always covered your body except face and palms. See, If they can do it, why don't you wawa? Why don't you? So, the girls in the dorm kept telling me, gave some really useful advised.. Then I realised how stupid I am if I don't wanna wear tudung..


Just remember, as a Muslimah.. It is not us to make decision to wear it or not but its our responsibilities to wear it.. Seriously, all the Muslimah is compulsory to wear tudung.. I pity all the gulrs out there who still don't wear their tudung.. It was because, if you really love Allah, so listen to Him.. There is always a secret why Allah asked us to do it.. So just do it..

Just remember that, once you wear it.. Make it sincere or else.. It wont last long.. Just remember that every gurl is pretty when wearing tudung because we are a Muslimah and we are pure pretty!

p/s: Sorry for ma header picto.. I'll changed it! For sure.. It just that I still don't have any idea to make a new one.. Just wait for it..

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


God knows who Zaola is.. Hey there Zaola!

Okay, you've been asking this to me.. "Could you post some information regarding the theme ? ". Well, sure..

WAWAMANIAC theme is mainly about ME! Like duuhh.. I'll be writing about me, behind the story being wawa 'what was that, you're not a superstar..' Eceh, perasan! My thoughts about everything.. I've been writing about guys lately, but for sure I'll be writing on something important for me soon.. And things happen surround me.. And what I felt being me.. That was the reasons this blog being name WAWAMANIAC as its all about wawa, ME.. And ma full name is AZWA MALIZA actually.. Wawa is just ma nickname.

Was that clear enough for ya, Zaola? Thanks for asking anyway.. Hope to hear from you soon.. And if you have anything for me to share here on ma blogs, most welcomed for your request..

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Friday, December 10, 2010


Okay, last Tuesday which was on Maal Hijrah, I received an envelope which filled with a few pieces of paper that I've been waiting for since the last day at the college. And I already have it here in ma hands.. And thank god for ma result! Seriously, I don't expect such result and I really did ma best and I deserved it! Congrats to ma dearest friends who actually managed to have results with flying colours! And a SALUTE form me to Adibah because she managed to get 4flat for the second semester! woot woot..

Anyway, I celebrated it with a slice of Black Forest Cheese by Secret Recipe! OMG, I'm soo happy! and again, Yay for ma result!

Yumm! And I'm so happy when eating this wonder-full of fat and cholesterol "who cares, I'm celebrated something"! I just LOVE cheese cake!

About ma tuition, I'm glad that it full with science stream students which meant that there is no more rempit or unwanted students who for god sake went to tuition because they were forced by their parents and not to study! A BIG YAY for that! I'm really really glad.. I hate to hear such stupid questions from them.. I remembered when we were all in form3 and these guys asked teacher about such stupid question.. Something like" kenapa kene bahagi dua cikgu" or "cikgu, factorise tu apa?". Seriously, stop making fun of it and just study, okay! I'm done with this stupid nonsense questions.. I meant hello, don't be such a stupid because you ain't funny.. And I do glad that those rempits is not in the class anymore. Yeah for sure, they will never ever taking science stream if they don't even know a simple maths! Phewwh.. Sorry for insulting peeps, but I seriously mad at those rempits who making fun in the class while you were actually serious about it.. They were just wasting ma times in the class.. Hello, ma mom paid for it too, okay?
And now, ma tuition class is full of brilliant and serious peeps who really cared about our subjects! And I'm a lil shocked at the guys. They were really smart and its cool to have smart guys in your tuition class, it brings the more aura to study.. Ngeh ngeh.. I always think that guy whose smart is cool and hot! yeah, you people will look cool when you are smart! And I have this guy from a boarding school in Seremban, which is Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban (SASER). Its actually a boarding school meant for guys only.. Well, it is SBT which stands for SEKOLAH BERPRESTASI TINGGI.. Cool huh? It will be fun for me to make a trip there.. Going to school with full of smart guys, Hello.. I would LOVE TOO! I just wanna say that I envy him.. He is so smart.. When we had a chemistry class these past few days ago, He was like memorise every single thing about Chemistry! I was like "WHOA!". He was like super duper smart and I think he was cool! A guy, memorising school stuff, and its Chemistry? You've gotta be kidding me?! Well, I met a few, which is ma schoolmates.. Okay he was Zikri, everyone knew Zikri is smart.. But went I met this guy at the tuition, I was like, it cant be possible? Can it? If teacher asked us something, with cool he answered it confidently! OMG, he was sooo COOL! And I'm not into him okay!

The main point here, If a guy is smart, then he is COOL!
That just it.. I just wanna say that I'm living ma life greatly, and I love SMART which practically meant BRILLIANT guy!

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by a teenage gurl who is extremely HAPPY for her final result,

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Thursday, December 2, 2010



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