Saturday, September 18, 2010


This video is Zaidi's NIE group.. Everyone in our f4 batch had to enter the NIE organized by the News Straight Times..

And as a professional actress, haha.. pfft.. As a good and cool friend, I help Zaidi's group to complete his video.. There are 5 peoples in his group which consist of Zaidi, Zaini, Lokman, Mina and Dina...

Its about a young boy, Lokman who is SAK in studies, but he got the spirit to become a success person when Azwa came to his life.. hahaha..

And U want to know ma reward after helping them? Thanks to Lokman, he bought me an ice-cream! Yay ME! haha..


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Hello again, I'm trying to post as many as I can, before going back to not so home sweet home, MRSM Kuantan..
Okay, I've told U guys that I had joined a drama competition represent ma college! And we had to compete at MRSM Jeli, Kelantan which is the organizer for East zone... So, we WON! Yay us! We won first place in MRSM Jeli and we succeed to proceed our achievement to National level at MRSM Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. And yeah, MRSM KKB won the first place and we were the first runner-up.. It's okay with me if they play fair but.. Yeah, lets not talk about it.. Just forget it Wawa.. Just forget it....
Okay, our Drama title was THE TALE OF ALAD(DING)-DONG..
It is most likely an Aladdin movie, which Disney did.. But ours was slightly different.. We changed the story line to become more realistic and fun... And I played the part Jafaarina, Jafaar evil twin!
Here's the story line..
Princess Jasmanina Ogalulu Shafarina Malaysia Ding Dong Shakalaka Bom Bom also known as Princess Jasmine(played by Adibah) ran away from the palace.. At the market, she met Aladdin. Her first sight love who is a strong masculine man(played by Lokman) was fighting with the palace guard.. She asked for help from Aladdin.. Yeah, as a player, Aladdin help Princess Jasmine.. naaah, just kidding, Aladdin then help Princess Jasmine and her servant, Anya(played by Amirah) with the help of Abu(played by Zarrif) his best friend. The Sultan(played by Aiman), and the Queen(played by Shaida) asked the chief guard(played by Ridhwan) to make an announcement to the people of Agrabah about their missing Princess.. Whoever, find their beloved missing princess, will marry her and become the new Sultan of Agrabah.. The greedy Jafaar(played by Syukri) known about the reward.. So, he and his evil tween Jafaarina(played by ME!) went to see the 3 witches(played by Ami, Hidayah and Shaida) and asked for clue where is the missing Princess.. The witches had make them went to Aladdin's house and found Princess Jasmine.. Then, the old hag brought Princess Jasmine to the palace and declared that they were the one who found Princess Jasmine.. With the help of 3 ugly witches and Genie(played by Yasser in MRSM Jeli and Od in MRSM KKB), Aladdin went to the palace and deny the liar Jafaar.. So, a fight happened in the palace, Jafaar and Jafaarina were killed and sadly Abu too.. But, with the help of true love by Anya and Aladdin, Genie succeed to save Abu and woke him up again... Aladdin got his Princess so do his best friend Abu got his first sight love, Anya..
awww... How sweet and romantic our drama is.. That's is why we were so closed until now and declared that we are one family! I LOVE MA DRAMA FAMILY!

This is me and Yasser.. That is ma costume and ugly mack-up as Jafaarina. wait till U guys see ma mack-up in MRSM KKB, I got a mole! And beside me is Yasser, he played as three parts which is guards, the mirror and the Genie! Only in MRSM Jeli, while in MRSM KKB, Od's replaced him as he entered the debate team represent our college...

And these are our Hero and Heroin.. Adibah as the Princess Jasmine and Lokman as the Aladdin.. Look at Adibah's mack-up.. Wasn't it beautiful.. I'm the mack-up artist! haha.. Adibah had a really beautiful lovely voiced.. Because our drama was mainly musical, so she and Lokman had to sing a lot in the drama..

These are our no.2 couple in the drama.. Anya, Princess Jasmine servant(played by Amirah) and Abu(played by Zarrif), Aladdin best buddy.. Anya is the gurl who wear the purple Punjabi suit and Abu is that boy who act like giving her a flower.. Awww... haha

Plus, our photographer succeed to capture Abu gave Anya a flower on stage while performing the drama.. Aww.. COOL!

This is Syukri, Ma evil tween.. He played as Jafaar!

Here is one of our moment on stage... Look at us, we look like tweens! haha

These were the 3 witches.. Ami as witch numero uno, Hidayah as witch numero deux and lastly, the middle girl, Shaida as witch numero tuah! Shaida played two parts, as the Queens and the witch...

Here's our Sultan Of Agrabah, Aiman...

Sitting with a crown is Syaida played as Queen and behind her is our sound manager in MRSM Jeli named Athirah.. She was our saviour.. Thanks a lot Athirah!

At the centre is our mat salleh chief guard, played by Ridhwan.. haha

This is one of his moment on MRSM Jeli staged performed with me, Syukri and Aiman...

Again, the blue guy is Yasser.. Played as Genie in MRSM Jeli, and Od replaced him at MRSM KKB, sorry Od.. I don't have your picto...

What a releive! We, after performing in MRSM Jeli!


Hip Hip Horaay! After winning the first place in MRSM Jeli represent our college and the East zone.. Now is our turn to win the National level.. Too bad, we just won the first runner-up.. Its okay! At least there is a place for us!

Remember Zaidi, the one that I told had exactly charactheristic with ma cousin, Azwan.. Yes, he is our new sound manager replacing Athirah because the rules was they want to have 6 girls and 7 boys.. So we pick Zaidi because he is a cool and helpful guy! haha.. That is Zaidi, the one who wear the red neck-tie and look at ma mole! haha.. Plus, look at Shaida's new costume as a Queen.. cool huh?

Tho that our drama had end up to a final... But we always stick together as a drama team, especially the gilrs.. Because we are one Drama Family..

This Drama team had make us become great friends..

I really love this experienced..

Becoming one of the drama team..

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage girl who loves her drama family,

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Kay, I promised U guys that I'm gonna post about ma class here.. So THIS IS IT... First I'm gonna talk about the closets person in class 4B to me....

This is Azreen Shamira.. She sits beside me in our new class after reshuffled.. Every group work or activity, she will be my partner and I love her because she treat me well and we just like sistuhh plus me and her are in the same compound! S@S@! woot woot..

Here is Amirul Ikman! He is our new class president replacing Zaidi our former president because Zaidi making his way to class 4D which is class for account's students.. He annoyed me! Seriously, we always fight and I act him like ma younger brotheehh.. We always shout in the class and he always got ma nerve! But no worries, that's the fun when you had younger brothehh with U.. He had a girlfriend named Mina, our vice president in class 4B! Cute huh?

Now this is Amalina and we all called him Mina, Ikman's girlfriend.. She is really smart and before this she sat beside me at our former class but after being reshuffled she sit beside Dina.. I owe her a lot because she likes to teach me! Thanks Mina...

Nasuha! And I called her "Kak Suha"! haha.. She is the smartest students in our batch.. She got 4 flat means straight A's for 2 exams in a row.. And I loved her because we were closed..

From left: Ainin, Teha and Umi..

They are cool peopluhh because they are fun! But too bad that Ainin and Teha were transferring to class 4E because the took 10 subjects which is tassawur and accounts respectively.. Our former class was noisy and it was all because the three of them! Their jokes were funny and they called themselves the Megan's! Because Umi admires Megan Fox! haha..

Alham is his named and everyone called him 'ROCK STAR'.. pfft.. haha.. He likes to sing! I mean really LOVED to sing! Even, if tomorrow we got Chemistry for our exams, he will sing the night before at our prep! And seriously Alham, its annoyed me! STOP SINGING! I wish U read this.. hahaha..

From left: Umi, Nasuha, Aireen, Shikin and Husna.

Aireen, Shikin and Husna are our new class members.. I am closed to Shikin because she is a fun girl and its easy to me to make jokes with her.. Aireen is really beautiful and she is an ex-MRSM Besut student. And Husna is really smart plus she is good at recite poetry.. She won 2nd place during Minggu Bahasa at MRSM Jeli! COOL!

-Lokman and Zaini-

Okay, first of all, I would like to make a confession here, between me and Lokman is nothing.. We're closed was because of homeroom.. He is ma homeroom peopluhh.. and I treat him as ma brother and he treat me as a lil sis. So STOP messing around saying that we're couples because we are NOT! Thank you! Lokman, is a smart boy. He represents our college a lot! I mean really, A LOT! Starting with debating, drama and now robotic.. And his results were always good! So congrats! And next to him is Zaini, he and me always dare each other.. haha.. At one time, I won over him for a simple dare.. A pen competition.. What laaa...

From left: Alya, Linie, Ecah and Shaz...

Alya is from Jalan 4 student, Linie is from Kelantan and she is a nice girl! Love U Linie! Ecah is a very cute girl! I like her! and Ami called her 'budak suara annoying'! haha.. Because she got a high pitch voice.. And that is Shaz, ma homeroom! Wasn't she beautiful! I like Shaz's skin, so fair and smooth!

The green coloured t-shirt is Dina and beside her is Fadzirah..

In front is Hidayah! I am closed to her because she is from Kajang! woot woot.. HIDUP KAJANG! haha.. We were in the same drama team so she is ma drama family girl! Love U Dayah!

The one who bite his string bag is Shafiq and the green coloured t-shirt is Asyraf.. Plus Haida, the one who wear spectacles among the girls.. Me? I'm at the pole.. haha...

One night before we went back for Raya Celebration, we celebrate Raya with all the class members.. Ikman's mother did the food for us as Ikman's house is the nearest.. Just 15 minutes from our college! Not Fair! It was yummy! Love the rendang!

Yasser is in the middle!


We exchanged Raya card and each of us had to make a Raya card to the person that we vote! It is a draw.. I drew and get Mina! And the person who make Raya card for me is Linie! And I love it because its cute! Thanx Linie.

p/s: Syukri and Azarul.. They are ma classmates too but I dont have their picto.. Sorry guyz...


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by a teenage gurl who loves her 4 Bestari,

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Monday, September 6, 2010


hello hello hello..
yeah.. hello..
Kay, I'm gonna post some of ma picto surviving in MJSC KUANTAN and some of ma friends called it MRAM KUANTAN which stands for maktab rendah agama mara.. haha.. LOL!
Thanks for viewing ma blog and I know I had some appreciate viewer, so got to update more!
Well, ma life kinda full..
I've got to study like everyday which that is soo not me. And ma parents should be thankful to that coz I'm change.. U're daughter is changing, can U believed that!!! okay, stop screaming..
I had life full with excitement, stress n more n more n more in MJSC KUANTAN..
So, later I change ma blog with a lot of ma muslimah picto..
Having trouble to update it BECAUSE I'm busy peopluhhh.. I'm busy..

So, this is me.. I'm wearing our Friday uniform which consist of white scarf of course, white baju kurung and kain sulam..

And this is me when we are going to our prep, look at me, I'm wearing hand socks peopluhh.. Like hello.. Someone should change the rules! We, girls, hate to wear hand socks!!! That's why ma friends changing the name of MJSC to MRAM.. Go MRAM!!!!! Actually, that's Ami's scarf.. hehe.. Not mine, mine a lil bit shorter..

This is AMI! the one who wear the spectacles.. She is ma roommates, ma best friends ma everything in the college.. We're super crazy when we sing out loud! Love U Ami!

This is Shaida, our super hot momma! haha.. She is everything when it comes to problems.. Plus, she is the president of MV.. Which I cant tell U guys here, or the guys might know what is MV..

The left wearing orange coloured t-shirt is Adibah.. She is mad when it comes to Dr.. Yeah, her ambition is becoming a heart specialised Dr. and I trust her because she is very smart peopluhh... She got 3.9 something for her GPA..

haha.. And this is ma tween! His name is Yasser.. Everyone called us tween because of our face looked alike and not to mention our attitude.. Yeah, i guess so, we are look alike..

See, even I become MC with him for Majlis Penutupan Minggu Aktiviti Sem 2.


Homeroom is kind of host family, where U will have activity together and stuff..

Ma homeroom consist of 3 boys and 7 girls.. Our original one's actually we got 2 more boys and a girl but they move to other MJSC and our abang long, Ayin is out from MJSC system.. too bad..

The red coloured t-shirt is SHU, the tall and wear the purple coloured t-shirt is Aizat, the one who sit on a table wearing red coloured t-shirt is Lokman and that is Me, the orange coloured t-shirt. The white scarf is Shaz and beside her is Aini.

Again ma homeroom, Hani, Me and Aini or Shafiq called her Kak Long..

And we got more, which I don't have their picto, Shafiq(anis boyfriends), Khal and Shifa.


This is the girls, which before our classed being reshuffled.. Later I post about ma class and tell U guys who is who.. I have a lot of stories to share...

And this is our new members of class 4B after being reshuffled.. And the one who is standing at the 2nd row wearing white spectacles is Shafiq, ma homeroom and Anis's Convent boyfriend.

See, how crazy our class is... Most teachers complained that among the form 4's class, our class is the most noisiest.. So, teacher called us 4B stands for 4Bising.. haha.. Plus teacher said that, the most noisiest people in our class is me and Yasser because we always fight in the class.. poor me. haha

And this is ma Police Cadet girls..

from left in front: Nadia, Hajar, Me, Shikin, Aireen and Ainin.

from left behind: Adilah, Atikah, Che Od' and Najihah.

And this is ma Drama Family.. I've participated a drama contest represent the college and we won and proceed to National and we won again.. later I post U stories about ma Drama Family..


Look at Zaidi, he is so similar to Azwan ma cousin.. there, look at them.. aww.. they look the same, I always called him Azwan.. haha..

See, how tired we are studying in the college, even I slept in the class when prep.. haha

Okay, I hope U guys understand how suffering I am in the college, haha.. not soo laa.. but sometimes I suffered a bit but fun is always there when U have friends that being true to U..

Later I'm gonna post about ma class and ma Drama Family.. So be waiting for that and I'm gonna re-organize ma blog, since now I'm wearing scarf.. So I have to delete ma old photos and put new ones wearing scarf..

another month, another story, another me,

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