Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Farry just called me today... Who's Farry???? Kay, she is ma junior in Convent which practically the closest junior I ever met after Nuna aka Amalina had left Convent and went to Vietnam... She really is a nice gurl.. We became closer after we secretly wrote letter to each other and put it under the table... Cute huh? It was all happened because we had to wrap our table and Farry leave a letter to me under the table asking me if I wanna decorate the table.. Yeah, that's how our relationship began.. And I'm okay with it because she is a fun gurl!
Here is a picto of me and her during 1Malaysia Event at our school last year...

She was a bit shy when taking a picto with me.. It shows... Look at her pose...

She did this to me.. I cant remember exactly who did it either her or her best friend, but its CUTE! Because it has ma name on it.. hehe..

Well, before I went to MJSC Kuantan, she gave me a cute teddy bear which I supposed to post it picto here, but to bad it went missing, because I do take it picto the day Farry gave me the teddy bear, but it went missing.. And I'm too lazy to take another picto.. Sorry teddy, and I name it Farry as remembering the owner.. Like duhh... Everyone knew that =.=...

Well, looking at ma old pics.. I miss ma days being a prefect at SMK CONVENT KAJANG, that school is just me.. I've got a lot of memories because I've been there since standard 1 as a primary student of SK CONVENT KAJANG... aww.. I miss ma old days so much!

Look at me, hanging out with ma friends at Mc'd after school.. That's our hobby...

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by a teenage gurl who miss her old days in Convent,

wawa cyrus

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Monday, November 22, 2010


Miley Cyrus is taking her friends abroad to celebrate her 18th birthday. Miley plans to whisk 10 of her closest pals away on an exotic beach holiday when she reaches the landmark age on November 23. Discussing her plans for the occasion, she said:
"I hope I can just have a frickin’ break. Because I haven’t had time, even a week to chill. So I’m probably just going to go to the beach or something. I’ll take about 10 of my friends with me and hang out with the people I never really get to see. A lot of my friends, they work, and I’m in the business too so I’ll make sure we carve out some time so we can relax."
"You’ve got to get out of California generally, you’ve got to go to a different country. I like to travel, so I don’t really vacation in the states. I’m there all the time, I live in California. So I don’t want California to be my vacation."
....This was what I get when I searched for Miley Birthday Bash through google....

Well, Miley now is 18th years old where she cant be tamed, and there will be a lot of her crazy sexy rumours on web.. And I just don't care because I love her songs!

This was her early birthday party at L.A. hot spot Trousdale on Sunday night. She was wearing a really really really sexy which for her is stylish black leather halter top adorned with feather straps, because her teamed for the birthday party was black leather pants.

See, told you that Miley cant be tamed..
check out Miley Cyrus' maturing style

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by a teenage gurl who gonna support Miley Cyrus and be her 1# fan,

wawa cyrus

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Well, is it possible that there is a guy like Edward Cullen as in twilight.. I watched all the 3 movies and I love the character of Edward Cullen, very loving, charming, protective but not soo coughhandsomecough. Heh, sorry Insyirah.. Joking.. I think its stupid because seriously, there is no Edward in this world.. I see some couples whose actually one of ma friends, his great.. He love his girlfriends for what she are.. Tho that everyone likes to make fun of her way of laughing... But that guy is sweet... But that doesn't mean that he is someone who is like Edward, let say.. Can he protect his girlfriends who in danger just like Edward.. Idk but..... Kay, whatever...

Next, how about Troy Bolton from High School Musical.. He is HOT, a basketballer, can sing and dance and love Gabriella Montez damn much! Ah, who can resist him.. But, do he actually exist in this hypocrites and sell fish world? A BIG QUESTION MARK THERE! I really hope that I could find someone who just like him.. He is dream boy to any gurl in this world.. Well, a dream is just a dream..

How about our classic history that was famous surround the world.. Romeo, emm... Romeo is well known for his family whose is Montague's which is the enemy of Capulet's, Juliet's family.. But because of love, he is willingly to betray his family and secretly married Juliet to get together.. Well, this is common story that the Malay's drama always showed us.. Two family which had a fight but their daughter and son get in love and run away to perkampungan siam and get married.. HAHA.. Kay, not funny.. I just read star-crossed who is written by one of this brilliant teenagers Rachael Wing. I really love this novel! I really do! this was quite romantic and interesting novel.. Well, it based on Romeo and Juliet story but it was rewrite in a version that suitable with this urban life! It was super damn cool! I love when she wrote this "there is a fine line between love and hate". And its true, one day you really hate this boy and you wake up the next day noticing that you're actually madly in love with this boy... Okay, about Romeo... Do actually guys willing to die if they see their most beloved girlfriend was dead.. Naahh.. I 100% not agreed with that.. Nowadays, we can see that a lot of widower will marry again after the death of his wife but not all.. And a lot of guys who his girlfriends was dead will find another gurl and married her.. So the wright conclusion is, sadly there is no Romeo in this world.. Tragic huh?

Now I wanna talked about ma dream guy.. Well stupidly, I'm in loved with James, James Maslow. Who is he? He is the guy from the Big Time Rush! Okay all the gurls know I love guys which got muscles! And his having it like everywhere.. Not even the biceps and triceps, six pack tooo! And another imaginary guy that been so long ma dream guy! Dude Harlino! well, everyone knows this.. Who cares, it just ma dream guy and for god sake I'll never get him! But its okay to have a stupid dream.. Tho that he is kinda old, I mean way too old for me... But still, I love him!

Ma cut James Maslow! Look at his muscles! Awww.... One tough guy! I'm really into muscles guys right now!

Tho he is old, he is still handsome!

Now I'm gonna talked about ma first coughspecialboyfriendcough who I never thought would be ma first heartbreak.. You know who you are... Well, its not possible for me not to care.. I know that I could done something on that evening if I had known what to say but too bad.. Instead of being good friends we make our separate ways... And now I heard that you found somebody new and that I never meant that much to you... And thank god to let me see whole this and open ma eyes on who is actually you are.. Your true colour.. Thank you for everything.. Yeah, somehow you had been someone important to me and I'll never regret that because I do love that moment too..

p/s: to whoever who is offended on this post, well you're certainly welcomed to not following ma blog because this is really me. This is what I thought about guys.. So, so long *******!

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who love James and Dude,

wawa cyrus

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know its too late to post this but who cares, its ma blog tho.
Idk why I'm being so emo lately.. Too lazy to do everything even to update ma blog and onlin-ing.. And now I just wanna post about ma beloved DADDY, Ayah!

Ayah, you're everything to me.. You love me for who I am and you're the one who understands ma feelings and swear I love you the most.. I cant describe by how I love you and how you meant for me in front of you.. only god knows how I love you.. And today is your special day, the day you were born and get the chance to meet mummy n got married and having me as your daughter..


Ayah's birthday is the same day with Raya Haji so, that was the reason why we were all dress up like this.. Kay?

p/s: I just bought Miley new CD Cant Be Tamed which is lame for me because I just got it when it have been out like 6 months ago, who cares.. I'm a boarding gurl.. Yay ME! I'm going CRAZY!

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who love her AYAH,
wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


KAY, finally the mission on destroying Wawa's life is finally over! For this year, but its okay. I'm fun and glad to actually breath in own ma home sweet home! And plus, I can freely wake up and do not have to see the face of peeps that I hate the most! Wa***n to be specific...

Being a boarding gurl actually taught me a lot of things...

  • I did ma own laundry! Obviously..
  • I learn all the important nine subjects by ma self with the helps of friends and no tuition! Cant believe that I managed to do it!
  • I survived with this particular wa***n.
  • Be away from parents for like miles away.
  • You have to wake up for yourself and no one actually help you, except if you had families that treat you like their own sistuhh like SASA'S FAMILY!
  • If you cried or got problems, only true friends will help you..
  • There is a lot more study-holic and rich children out there..
  • Just be yourselves to be fit in..
  • Try your best to achieve something because everyone is good!
  • Learned how to speak kelate! woot woot
  • Having a tweeny like Yasser is once a life time.
  • Peeps are good when it comes to be hypocrite.
  • True friends are everything!
  • Don't ever believe in guys..
Tho that I hate ma life there at first, but trust me, "tak kenal maka tak cinta". Eceh, yeah, I bet y'all. I did cried at first.. I know, spoil brat like me surely cried but ma parents make me realised how stupid I am if I quit.. I tried so hard to stay and I finally managed it and I STAY! Its not easy yet everyone can get through it.

I found that all CEOS, Directors, Dr., Accountants by meaning all successful peeps came from tough situation and ma add math teacher always told us that, if you wanna be a successful person, you have to get through tough situation first so that you can feel the exact meaning of success.. Well, I'm not trying to say that if you are not in any boarding school then you cant be a successful person but what I meant was all ma journey for this year in MJSC were actually worthful and taught me something to be somebody and is just some of ma wisdom words and anyone who read this should not and can not felt that I'm trying to say that having a life in boarding school is better then living your life from ordinary school.. Well, whoever don't understand these, don't ever bother to re-read because neither do I understand what actually the meaning of these.

And yeah, I am now loving ma life in Kajang and hoping that time could pass slowly so that I can enjoy ma self here.. Writing this remind me that next year will be tough year! SENIOR YEAR! grr.. Hate to wrote those words..

SENIOR YEAR, here we are..

Too bad hearing about Billy and Tish Cyrus were divorced.. Hows Miley gonna take it.. Just few days for her sweet 18 birthday.. Wow, pity her..

Here is a headline about it..

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is loving her life in Kajang,

wawa cyrus

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