Thursday, November 17, 2011


Did you people realised that Sejarah paper 2 essays were soo tricky??!!! Yeah they were and ma teacher asked me did I answered question no 7??! And YEAH I did!! Great and teacher told that we should at least not to answer that question because it was soo tricky!!!! Grr.. Find, I'm scared on Sejarah!!!

Now lets move to Bahasa Melayu paper 2-I had stupidly did few mistakes when answering for peribahasa, twice!!!! Grrr.. Me used the wrong sentences for the peribahasa, like 'bertepuk sebelah tangan' only without 'tidak akan berbunyi'!! Grrrr.. Kill me!!! Owh yeah don't asked what did I answered for no 3 because I mistakenly used a wrong term for the whole sentences which was supposed to be right!! Yeah, again killed me!!!

Wookay, no more sighs here and there.. I'm seriously need your help dear God.. Just tawakal.. Anything can happened ay?? Dear God, please do help your poor rock star here.. I really want those 9A+ for my SPM!!!

And next week will gonna be tough because Physics is just not me but I'm gonna be find and lets break a leg!!! Gonna be a nerdy engineer for the whole week!!! Study guys!! SPM ni sekali je..

And do pray that ma parents will come and see me during this few days.. Imma need them so BAADLY!!!

Btw, a BIG thanks to all ma junior in MJSC Kuantan during restu time in between Maghrib and Isyak a day before SPM.. You people rock ma day soo much!! Everyone is soo cute and hugged me sincerely plus forgive all ma wrongdoings to them!!! Thanks and few took ma phone number and few wanted to hug me twice!! Hehe.. Few compliment me with such cute word!! Thanks.. With everyone wishing me GOOD LUCK and told that they wanted me to have those straights A's.. I'm in LOVE with you guys!!! And today one of them took picture with me.. Sorry dear, cant mention your name here but you knew who you are!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thanks SOO much for made ma day calling me with such words and having a GREAT juniors like you guys is just what I wished for being a senior. Please do pray for our success in becoming the no 1 in SPM 2011 ranking!! MRSM Kuantan will be no 1!!! We promise!! :')

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is mad for her Sejarah paper-I'm just scared okay,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Having No Place or Any Kampung to Celebrate Raya Korban?? And Had Kuantan in Mind For Beraya???

For me, its A YES!!!!

I've got all ma girlfriends, the guys and our lovely warden plus Papa(our HEP)!!! Its ma first time and it will be the BEST Raya celebration without ma parents, ma annoying siblings *joking, Kak Atuy(ma maid) and Kajang.. haha.. Me and few of the form five had make our hardest decision by staying back for this 4 days holidays and celebrated Raya Korban together.. How sweet!! haha..

So, I'm just wanna post few pictures and enjoy!!

Look at ma jubah, I was wearing Te'en's and she was kinda short and I had to wear pants in it and they all said that I was wearing Punjabi suit! =.='' what laa.. poor Te'en.

Our breakfast, T^T Tea and nasi impit with rendang and kuah kacang.
boleh laaa..

Ma beloved girlfriends! clockwise:azreen-syikin-me-lily


Bukan nak tolong.. =.=''

Aizat went crazy went he saw that thing.. Its the cow's head. Show some respect la haiyoo..

We, the gurls had to help them with simple simple tasks.. meheh

I helped by peeling the garlic.

After all the hardwork cooking and everything, now is the time to EAT! Again I was wearing Puteri's jubah.. Ma friend were all sarcastically worried, "Ko ni takde baju ke wawa??" haha.. I was just wanted to wear jubah, and I got no jubah brought here in Maktab, so I borrowed others laa.. XB

With Shahrul and the kids.. Hahaha.. Our Maktab celebrated Raya Korban with few orphans from an orphanage.. Am not soo sure where or which orphanage..

Muka tak ikhlas betul bergambar dengan I.. =.='' haha

After celebrated with those orphans, we headed to Athirah's which located in front of the Maktab.. We ate like crazy on that time.. bluurrp~

Then, at night we had BBQ and ABC with our colleagues. It was SUPER fun!!!

When such experienced happened to me, I had a thought that its not who we with or where we celebrate it. Its how we appreciate it.. Yeah, it is ma first time celebrated it without ma parents and it was a BIG deal for me as I am the youngest and Raya Korban is a thing in ma family because most family do not celebrate it that much to be compared with how they celebrate Raya Aidil Adha right?? At first, when takbir raya were held in the Surau on Raya Korban's eve, I almost cried and I called Mummy saying hi and all that stuff.. Then the next day, before I went to Dewan Terbuka and joined them celebrated it with our "yummy" breakfast, I made a video call with ma family.. Again I almost cried.. But this is how we learned and grown up.. And I felt so thankful to be having such family here in MJSC Kuantan.. We were all soo closed that I almost forgot that I did not celebrated this Raya with ma family.. Thanks guys, you guys had made ma day!! YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! I love all of you, and this will be the best memories we ever had together and I'm sure, next thing, when Raya Korban appears next time, I'm sure that I'll always remember how I celebrated it with you guys.. :')


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by a teenage gurl who is dying-AMG : SPM is around the corner,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

12 days to go!!!!

okay, nothing much..

Tomorrow is our GRADUATION day!!!! And I'm sitting next to Hanna and Ridhwan!! God knows how I kept playing-mocking-session with Peja and Joe who are sitting behind me.. Plus ma roommates all will be sitting in a row on that day except for Mirah because she got 3.9 something for her CGPA and she'll be sitting in the second row.. Huhuhu.. Lucky her to be soo brilliant!!! Yet Alhamdulillah, I too managed to graduate with first class honour you people!!! woot woot! haha.. But ma CGPA is not that high to be compared to others, but I'm soo thankful!!! Yay me!!! I'll post the pictures okay???! I hope that I'm gonna be looking good with the jubah and the thing that you wear on top of your head during the graduation day.. I don't know what they called it, what ever it is, I don't want to be looking like a clumsy messy kindergarten gurl who came for her graduation day during kindergarten.. =.=''

and here is a photo of ma annual dinner..


Nanti-nanti la I post about it kay? I'll post everything after the war had ended which is on 30th November 2011!!

p/s: please pray for me and the rest of the form five who will be sitting for OUR SPM on this 14th of November.. please please please.

And I take this opportunity to apologize for all the wrong and mistakes I did for the whole seventeen years I lived on this earth. Believe me that I didn't deliberately to do it and I'm soooo sorry. Forgive me and do pray for me to excelled during answering the papers.. Thank you!!! xoxo

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is tired and cant wait for the war to end,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo