Monday, September 6, 2010


hello hello hello..
yeah.. hello..
Kay, I'm gonna post some of ma picto surviving in MJSC KUANTAN and some of ma friends called it MRAM KUANTAN which stands for maktab rendah agama mara.. haha.. LOL!
Thanks for viewing ma blog and I know I had some appreciate viewer, so got to update more!
Well, ma life kinda full..
I've got to study like everyday which that is soo not me. And ma parents should be thankful to that coz I'm change.. U're daughter is changing, can U believed that!!! okay, stop screaming..
I had life full with excitement, stress n more n more n more in MJSC KUANTAN..
So, later I change ma blog with a lot of ma muslimah picto..
Having trouble to update it BECAUSE I'm busy peopluhhh.. I'm busy..

So, this is me.. I'm wearing our Friday uniform which consist of white scarf of course, white baju kurung and kain sulam..

And this is me when we are going to our prep, look at me, I'm wearing hand socks peopluhh.. Like hello.. Someone should change the rules! We, girls, hate to wear hand socks!!! That's why ma friends changing the name of MJSC to MRAM.. Go MRAM!!!!! Actually, that's Ami's scarf.. hehe.. Not mine, mine a lil bit shorter..

This is AMI! the one who wear the spectacles.. She is ma roommates, ma best friends ma everything in the college.. We're super crazy when we sing out loud! Love U Ami!

This is Shaida, our super hot momma! haha.. She is everything when it comes to problems.. Plus, she is the president of MV.. Which I cant tell U guys here, or the guys might know what is MV..

The left wearing orange coloured t-shirt is Adibah.. She is mad when it comes to Dr.. Yeah, her ambition is becoming a heart specialised Dr. and I trust her because she is very smart peopluhh... She got 3.9 something for her GPA..

haha.. And this is ma tween! His name is Yasser.. Everyone called us tween because of our face looked alike and not to mention our attitude.. Yeah, i guess so, we are look alike..

See, even I become MC with him for Majlis Penutupan Minggu Aktiviti Sem 2.


Homeroom is kind of host family, where U will have activity together and stuff..

Ma homeroom consist of 3 boys and 7 girls.. Our original one's actually we got 2 more boys and a girl but they move to other MJSC and our abang long, Ayin is out from MJSC system.. too bad..

The red coloured t-shirt is SHU, the tall and wear the purple coloured t-shirt is Aizat, the one who sit on a table wearing red coloured t-shirt is Lokman and that is Me, the orange coloured t-shirt. The white scarf is Shaz and beside her is Aini.

Again ma homeroom, Hani, Me and Aini or Shafiq called her Kak Long..

And we got more, which I don't have their picto, Shafiq(anis boyfriends), Khal and Shifa.


This is the girls, which before our classed being reshuffled.. Later I post about ma class and tell U guys who is who.. I have a lot of stories to share...

And this is our new members of class 4B after being reshuffled.. And the one who is standing at the 2nd row wearing white spectacles is Shafiq, ma homeroom and Anis's Convent boyfriend.

See, how crazy our class is... Most teachers complained that among the form 4's class, our class is the most noisiest.. So, teacher called us 4B stands for 4Bising.. haha.. Plus teacher said that, the most noisiest people in our class is me and Yasser because we always fight in the class.. poor me. haha

And this is ma Police Cadet girls..

from left in front: Nadia, Hajar, Me, Shikin, Aireen and Ainin.

from left behind: Adilah, Atikah, Che Od' and Najihah.

And this is ma Drama Family.. I've participated a drama contest represent the college and we won and proceed to National and we won again.. later I post U stories about ma Drama Family..


Look at Zaidi, he is so similar to Azwan ma cousin.. there, look at them.. aww.. they look the same, I always called him Azwan.. haha..

See, how tired we are studying in the college, even I slept in the class when prep.. haha

Okay, I hope U guys understand how suffering I am in the college, haha.. not soo laa.. but sometimes I suffered a bit but fun is always there when U have friends that being true to U..

Later I'm gonna post about ma class and ma Drama Family.. So be waiting for that and I'm gonna re-organize ma blog, since now I'm wearing scarf.. So I have to delete ma old photos and put new ones wearing scarf..

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who living her life in boarding school,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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