Friday, January 28, 2011


Okay, its my 26 day of being a senior here in MJSC Kuantan where I'll be taking my one and only SPM here.. What a surprise huh? Wawa now is a big gurl and still counting for days on getting her own driving license! I really cant wait and still wishing for my HOT PINK KANCIL with a bling on it!

These means a lot to me.. Tho that I'm just back to ma boarding school for like 26 days, I have experienced like a lot as a senior.. We did our racall to the juniors, I drown at Gambang, running like a hungry bitch with ma gurls after 'fardhu ain' to 'dewan selera'(a place where you've got to eat in boarding school) like there is no one there with you, go for a fun run in Kuantan and ended up having a BLUE toenails as I wore wrong sport shoes for a marathon day =.=, playing basketball with Aini during 'riadah' almost everyday which sounds kinda weird as I always skip 'riadah' last year and went for a nap in ma room, getting to get closer with ma beloved batch, getting a new roomies which I LOVE them soo much, go for a really harsh camp with boys (new experienced for a convent gurl huh?) plus did 'sukan tara' again with boys, meet professors at UMP, getting new classmates that soo fun, meeting new peeps, experienced cool English teacher who let you on your FB in English class and last but not least, we all had UNITE as THE COOLEST PKP batch EVUUH! There is more and I know that it will be ma memories forever!

As I am posting this, I'm still in ma boarding school at MJSC Kuantan. Super shocked to read at ma chatter box! Seeing such comments about ma blog! Thank you soo much for reading it, I'll try to update as many as I can but do hope to understand ma situation as I'm now living ma whole seveteen year in a boarding school.. So do hope that you peopluhh be patient and still keep reading ma blog! Thanx soo much!

And so sorry for not updating about resolution for 2011 or ma vacation or anything else because me is so lacking of time. I don't have that much pleasure time to update ma blog or whatsoever.. So, Insya Allah on 3rd of February, I'll be updating more as me in Kajang-ma home sweet home, holidaying for Chinese New Year! Yay me!

I miss ma life, ma room, and the real WAWA when she is in Kajang,
I miss ma gurlfriends in Kajang, I miss ma parents!
I miss ma siblings and Astro..
owh not to get forget how badly I miss ma time being the a regular student and not living the stressful life here in boarding school...

Till this Chinese New Year! Me updating MORE!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who lack of time on updating her blog,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. setiap kali kancil pink lalu. aku akan cakap dalam hati " itu wawa" macam novel dak ? HIHIHI

  2. gedik! tapi best jugak, trademark! LOL