Friday, March 18, 2011


New future with new teeth....

I just had ma braces off! And now, I'm smiling without having to worried on how I will look like with ma braces, either food stuck on it or ma braces make ma teeth black or what so evuuh! I'm happy! Ma brand new teeth lead me to ma brand new world! Yay me!

Look at them! Its new and its mine!
Such a commercial smile... Perasan!

Let me showed you guys the life journey of ma teeth,
I was born with protruding teeth which means 'halimah jongang' okay wrong! Pardon me, 'gigi jongang' laaa... At first, it doesn't disturb me at all, as I grew up surrounded by annoying teenage gurls, it do disturb me! I kept hearing someone talking behind me about ma teeth, mocking ma teeth and making jokes about ma teeth.. Well, life as a teenage is cruel! So, I forced ayah to make me wear braces, then here I am wearing them.

So this is one of ma pic before I wear braces, kinda not clear as this is the only me taking an
appropriate photos as all ma old photos were so inappropriate to public.. So here I am, try to zoom on ma teeth.

This pic is taken during ma nasyid competition when I was in form 2. Takdela jongang mane pun kan, this gurl is soo gedik because she cannot stand her friends talking bad about her, then ended up spending her father's money on braces!

Okay, eww.. What an ugly me here.. This is the first day me wearing ma braces.. I've got some goodies from ma orthodontist.. So me happy wearing it and had some paper bag pose... What a childish! Isn't we look kinda same? huh?

This was the 2nd time I'm changing ma rubber band. So I had bright pink on top and light blue on bottom. Gosh, I miss ma young life.... T^T

This was like towards ma final time wearing those braces.. Ade beza la kan between the previous photos..

Tadaaa! I had ma BRACES OFF!!!!!!!!!! weee... New teeth!

This cant be happened if there is no one helping me, by the professional orthodontist, I am honored to represent, my one and only specialist orthodontist


Without her and without Allah, I cant be as happy as right now, living ma new teeth.. She did a lot and I don't know how to thanked her coughbutseriuosly,payinghercoughisenoughtoshowmawaycoughofthankinghercough lol.. I was bless..
So now, we have a new wawa cyrus, no more 'gigi besi gurl' or 'gigi wawa bersinar' or 'bracey' will ma friends evuh called me, now I am just a regular teenage gurl living ma life with a brand new teeth! Thank You Allah!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who now living her dream,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. I remembered how u complained about the pain u're goin through the 1st week of wearing,u were like 'weh jgn buat aku gelak..coz I tgh sakit gler skang..' haha ah I miss the old times :). -opah

  2. awww.. me too! how cute that u make me remember those days....