Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ayah went to London recently, last week if I'm not mistaken. As I passed by the living room, I saw this.. And I was like, WHAAAAAT.. o.O

And again, I moved closer to it, and saw it with a more clear vision.. And I saw this

cute huh?

Then my maid passed by behind me and she said, "tengok ayah, tak pergi diorang kahwin pun dapat souvenir".

And I was laughing my ass off, because as we all knew, if we go to any wedding reception, we will be getting a gift such as bunga telor or sweets or a mug or anything that the couples wanna gift la.. So, when my maid said like that, it makes me laugh because this was not a gift, its an item that ayah paid for it! What la...

Btw, I had watch Never Say Never-Justin Bieber, and its okay la to me because I'm not a BIG fan of him and I don't care whatever he did, and Miley was in it! Yay! She cut her hair just like me! OMG! Again, I'm a true WAWA CYRUS! Oh dear, we had the same style of hair! Cool! I'm scream to death when I saw her cutting her hair just like me! LOL! Anyway, after watching it, I'm still not a fan of Justin Bieber! Idk, it just that I'm a gurl who dislike famous boys. Nothing special about them because to me, girls are crazy about them and why should I like that kind of boy, my boy should just be special in my eye, and not to others. Only me who could see his specialities! Anyway, Justin is kinda cute! That's it! The only compliment I can give! And to all the girls who dreaming to marry him, go ahead.. But don't break a heart when you read online article with a headlines title, Justin Had Married with dot dot dot.. It will break your HEART to pieces. Trust me, I did! =.=

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who loves Miley damn MUCH,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. Bestnye bapak ko pegi London...haha ur maid's comment..

  2. kah kah.. opah, adek x tuka namela.. lolololololo.. it is ma name la.. wek, KEJAM!