Thursday, May 26, 2011

yo. seriously, Im not the kind of gurl that you think..

Why do things have to be so hard... You knew me better than I know myself, and you knew how scared I am to be the gurl who love to chase the boys.. And I'm seriously not that type of gurl... And if you don't like me, its okay, just.... I don't know, just go without the need to respond and I wouldn't mind at all.. Can you understand how hard for me to hear or face ma best friends when they say THAT you're in love or perhaps liking another gurl?! And the FACT that I really like you and acting stupidly in love with you and suddenly they told me, "OMG wawa! He is liking another gurl........." dot dot dot

And boom it hit me and my dignity.. And now, you're writing as I am the one who hurt you that much, the fact that YES, I do and I'm sorry! And now we're even, because, you hurt and so do I. Thanks, because if this the way you do want me to get the lesson.. I get it! and thank you so much!

Btw, sorry that I had experimented you....

You don't know how I felt! Never! Please, Stop! If writing such things would make you feel better or perhaps happy and peaceful, think of other people, because I don't! It crushed me....

You're lucky because you're the only guy that had make me enter into a new world. Don't like me and say it.. Its okay, I heard before the name of gurls in your heart after me, and yet, I don't care but honestly, who am I kidding if I told you I didn't get jealous.. And the fact that you know now I'm still in love with you, and still... cakap je la yang you like other gurl.. I can take it kot..

we dont have to be like this! Seriously, I hate this!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who never understand you,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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