Sunday, May 29, 2011

nothing much but I did enjoy!

Regardless what happened to me these past few days make me thinking of something.. Doda was right, I should be the old me which think that those stuff was eww-ing and I'm not the kind of gurl who like to find for love.. And what did I do just sneak at some cute guys passing by us and laughing among ourselves saying how cute they are! LOL Miss the old days! Now, I'm just thinking that I'm gonna save my heart for the real one, maybe I should find ma one in Ireland when I do my medics there.. Haha.. Then, I found any mat saleh and get him to marry me then I'll be having good allele for our babies.. LOL Btw, thanks Doda for being concerned, I do appreciate that. And please take note, don't ask anything about ma past post, it just an emo post that I shouldn't have write, but who cares things happened..

Yeah, regarding to ma title, I'm spending ma two days in Penang! woot
Nothing special, its not a vacation seriously, we just had to send ma brother there as usual, but we spend a night! So, it is a holiday to me. My father was cute enough, that's why I love him soo much! I just told him that I wished to take a picture near a paddy field so that I could have a picto like 'Nur Kasih', y'know Nur Kasih as in the popular drama series, ngeh ngeh.. And yeah, my ayah did it for me. He stop by at idk, near someone paddy fields and we took pics there! weee.. I just have a great and loving father! LOVE YOU AYAH! This was the reason why I can heal myself and just be me without to think of anything! Yay for not soo vacation trip!

This was where Ayah parked our car. Luckily nobody care about us. Phewwh, glad..

On the way to someone paddy field, god knows who is its owner, I did ask Ayah if it is okay if we just took pics at someone paddy fields without their acknowledgment, who knows that they did not think its appropriate to us taking pics at their paddy field.. Then ayah told me, what rubbish, who cares, we just taking pics not damage their properties.. Silenced, I agreed.

Peewiit.. Eceh, perasan. If Mak Kiah noticed me wearing like this in her paddy fields, she screamed and said "Amboi, anak dara sapa tak malu tuu, yang hang duk pi sawah pakai lagu tu awatnyaaa... tak senonoh betuii!"

Freedom! Imma wanna make a post like Nur Kasih but malulah nak upload... LOL

Isn't we look cute! heh~

And here we are, sending abangah back to his flat for him living his life studying there....


In time like these, I just need ma family here by my side. I think, we should really take note that we have a family that would taking care of us and be by our side through difficult and happy moment in our life. I am really glad that I was born in a complete and happy family.

What a beautiful day!
another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who could accept her destiny,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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