Friday, June 3, 2011

craziness define me!

I think the whole idea in leaving me alone in the house is turning out well.. I'm certainly having a really great time spending ma pleasure time in the house alone! Yes, I do have fun time alone! Yeah! Watching TV, on-lining, listening to the radio out loud and I can eat whatever I want and do whatever I want whenever I want without to care about other people! Tho that I'm scared but I'm getting used at it! Its fun! To be left alone and you just can do whatever you want...

Well, Mummy will call me every two to three hours just to check whether I'm okay, that's great because I really need someone to talk to if I felt scared or feeling something is just not right like maybe I feel that I will meet a ghost or anything related to ghost.. You know, sometimes when you were alone, you feel something like that, you feel scared and imagine those kind of thing.. You know what I meant.. Okay go and laugh because this gurl right here is a total coward when it comes to ghost. But I think I can handle it now, maybe, I am seventeen, big gurl huh? LOL

And this afternoon, mummy called me, asking me to eat the fruits or if I could finish it because she wanna buy new ones in the market this Sunday so we could have another fresh fruits at home... Then I went to the kitchen and I saw the fruits were like A LOT man... I could not finish it all! So, I got this one tiny little crazy IDEA in ma mind.... dot dot dot

How about I do a juice! ngeh ngeh....

You betcha what I put in the juice........................

But first, tadaaaa! Here is ma juice!

looking yum huh?? huh?? (with a weird confident kinda face)
-read it with black American accent-

I know you want me to make it for ya!

And try guess what I put in it!

Okay, fineeeeee. I just put 3 oranges, a banana and a green apple!

Well, sounds eww-ing but I think it taste sweet, sour because of the green apple I guess and sticky maybe it was the banana! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..
Okay, I am so bored then, and I've got nothing to do so don't blame me to be such a disgusting gurl.. ngeh ngeh
Moreover, there were so many of them, and I don't wanna ate all of it, why don't I just blend it.. At least I managed to reduced them.. Okay, I'll be dead if ma mom read this...

See, tho that I used some of it to make ma juice, but still, ade banyaaak lagi kot.. How to finish them all up! I've got reason if ma mom get mad at me.. XD

Okay thanks la ye Pak Cik Blender, tho I don't know how to use you and messed with ya when making me a delicious juice, I'm sorry... hehe

So lesson of the day is, Wawa can make juice! A really nice juice okay.. Hahaha.. Ma maid gonna be so proud at me, and plus, I am now not a lazy ass and more diligent to pick up the laundry and I am good at cleaning the table after dinner!

p/s: If you guyz out there got any crazy idea and doesn't have anyone to do it with ya, ask me! I'll do it for sure! Because crazy define me!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who had messed up her mom's kitchen,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. apesal tah kau dengan nat post pasal air ni hahaha

    btw , cawan lawa

  2. haha.. tu namanya sehati sejiwala. lololololol
    okay, cawan tu free je.. beli yoes kot.. aku pun x taw.. aku maen rembat je... ngeh ngeh..
    nah, emoticon sexy yg tok guru ajar..
    ----> =.~