Sunday, June 26, 2011

too much!

Regarding to ma title.. Yeah, to much things happened till I didn't get the chance to stop it or to examine it whether it was great or bad things.. But just wanna mentioned here, something really unEXPECTED thing just happened which when I said that unEXPECTED thing mean waaaay UNEXPECTED thing happened... And I personally said "I don't like it!!!!!". Its not that I hate it, okay fine.. I admit, I did get jealous.. Too much jealous that I got to hate it, no wait, I cant hate it, I just don't like it..

Grrrr... I hope that she knew that he will love me better and always, that's just it! I don't know, It just that I knew him better and longer, and no one could replace me in his heart!!!!!! NOBODY!

Fine fine fine.... I support you in anyway, but promise me that you will love me better than her! You will always call me and say good things about me and say that I'm the most pretty gurl evvuh in the world than her! And yeah, I blessed you.. No worries.. But remember, you LOVE me more than her! And that just it!

And don't be so upset with this post, I love you and always! Just make up with me by buy-ing me PRESENT! And yeah, asked her to buy me present too! And I'm okay with it!

Btw, this year SPKG batch K94 had rock the world on! It was super cool and GREAT and I love it so much! Abang Sam, Abang Malik, Kak Dayang, Kak Molly and Abang Azmin-you guys ROCK! 5 COOL LOVE YA! And FYI, I'm not sure his name, but the abang who gave comments to ma drama team last year came to this year SPKG and he did remember me! weeee... hehehehehehehe... He asked about ma braces and I was shocked! Fusyo, you remember me yeah abang? And I was like, heheh, you did remember me!!!! And too bad that this year SPKG got no Ferrari but I did see a lot of Apple products that they used! Cool!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who still shocked but suka hati hang la tak kisah,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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