Saturday, September 24, 2011


I did not know what I've just did yesterday..
It seems so stupid, being a stupid student with low grades is ma thing, but to be a stupid gurl who can not handle her problems is waay not me!! I'm a STRONG gurl! A really STRONG gurl, but not yesterday..
For the first time I did not joined ma gurlfriends celebrating our 'mummy's' birthday at the center of our hostel! And it sucks because they sounds happy and celebrate it like crazy! Sorry teacher, next time we will celebrate it together okay?=.='

What that I did was laying on ma bed alone with the lights be off because they all wanted the hostel to be dark so it will be easier to prank our warden for her birthday celebration.. I am a person who really scared of being alone especially in dark but things that disturb me yesterday was all that I'm more concerned about... Me, maself was a bit shocked that I could stay in ma room alone while the others were celebrating 'mummy's' birthday. I was weird yesterday.

Few peoples talked to me yesterday. Few peoples encouraged me to be STRONG and forget about it!!! Totally forget about it!!

I'm learning too. It was ma first and I promise you guys that it will be the last!!!

Thanks to those who helped, especially Mr. Stalker, I knew I am a childish stupid teenage gurl who had been a burden to all of you, but I promise, if I ever repeat it again, please slap me!!! To the person who had make me wailing cries badly yesterday, you should be proud because you are the first person who make me cry because of you!! And it was stupid! If you felt that you win, no you don't!! I have Allah S.W.T and He always be by ma side!!! For you, I hope that you will realize that doing such things towards me were the last thing that you should ever done before you die because they were all BIG MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope you regret it!! Things will never be the same between us! Do remember that! You had just messed with the wrong gurl! Like I have told you before, I never understand you, jerk!! Please la, back off! Just go! Tho that I think that I always need you by my side, but not anymore! From now on, just go! If you felt that we should be best friend, I don't think so, because friends don't hurt each other! We hurt each other countless time, and I couldn't take it anymore! Please do understand me..

Cooler than me?? Not anymore..

I wont forget this moment ever in ma life!! The moment I be stupid and having a non stop crying moment till sobbing! Mr. Stalker was right the first time when he said that "Buat ape nak suka orang yang tak suka dekat kita kan?" BETUL!!! And thanks for spending your credit to call me and make me laughed. I really appreciate it! I listened to your advised for sure. InsyaAllah, No worries. We're in a team remember? Benci laki jahat! haha

Please make things right back like we usually did, please improve this situation back to normal again because I don't want to be the one who seek for the apologize anymore like I did before, not anymore! I'm a different gurl now fyi.


another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is sick with all this stuff,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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