Thursday, November 17, 2011


Did you people realised that Sejarah paper 2 essays were soo tricky??!!! Yeah they were and ma teacher asked me did I answered question no 7??! And YEAH I did!! Great and teacher told that we should at least not to answer that question because it was soo tricky!!!! Grr.. Find, I'm scared on Sejarah!!!

Now lets move to Bahasa Melayu paper 2-I had stupidly did few mistakes when answering for peribahasa, twice!!!! Grrr.. Me used the wrong sentences for the peribahasa, like 'bertepuk sebelah tangan' only without 'tidak akan berbunyi'!! Grrrr.. Kill me!!! Owh yeah don't asked what did I answered for no 3 because I mistakenly used a wrong term for the whole sentences which was supposed to be right!! Yeah, again killed me!!!

Wookay, no more sighs here and there.. I'm seriously need your help dear God.. Just tawakal.. Anything can happened ay?? Dear God, please do help your poor rock star here.. I really want those 9A+ for my SPM!!!

And next week will gonna be tough because Physics is just not me but I'm gonna be find and lets break a leg!!! Gonna be a nerdy engineer for the whole week!!! Study guys!! SPM ni sekali je..

And do pray that ma parents will come and see me during this few days.. Imma need them so BAADLY!!!

Btw, a BIG thanks to all ma junior in MJSC Kuantan during restu time in between Maghrib and Isyak a day before SPM.. You people rock ma day soo much!! Everyone is soo cute and hugged me sincerely plus forgive all ma wrongdoings to them!!! Thanks and few took ma phone number and few wanted to hug me twice!! Hehe.. Few compliment me with such cute word!! Thanks.. With everyone wishing me GOOD LUCK and told that they wanted me to have those straights A's.. I'm in LOVE with you guys!!! And today one of them took picture with me.. Sorry dear, cant mention your name here but you knew who you are!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thanks SOO much for made ma day calling me with such words and having a GREAT juniors like you guys is just what I wished for being a senior. Please do pray for our success in becoming the no 1 in SPM 2011 ranking!! MRSM Kuantan will be no 1!!! We promise!! :')

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is mad for her Sejarah paper-I'm just scared okay,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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