Sunday, November 6, 2011

Having No Place or Any Kampung to Celebrate Raya Korban?? And Had Kuantan in Mind For Beraya???

For me, its A YES!!!!

I've got all ma girlfriends, the guys and our lovely warden plus Papa(our HEP)!!! Its ma first time and it will be the BEST Raya celebration without ma parents, ma annoying siblings *joking, Kak Atuy(ma maid) and Kajang.. haha.. Me and few of the form five had make our hardest decision by staying back for this 4 days holidays and celebrated Raya Korban together.. How sweet!! haha..

So, I'm just wanna post few pictures and enjoy!!

Look at ma jubah, I was wearing Te'en's and she was kinda short and I had to wear pants in it and they all said that I was wearing Punjabi suit! =.='' what laa.. poor Te'en.

Our breakfast, T^T Tea and nasi impit with rendang and kuah kacang.
boleh laaa..

Ma beloved girlfriends! clockwise:azreen-syikin-me-lily


Bukan nak tolong.. =.=''

Aizat went crazy went he saw that thing.. Its the cow's head. Show some respect la haiyoo..

We, the gurls had to help them with simple simple tasks.. meheh

I helped by peeling the garlic.

After all the hardwork cooking and everything, now is the time to EAT! Again I was wearing Puteri's jubah.. Ma friend were all sarcastically worried, "Ko ni takde baju ke wawa??" haha.. I was just wanted to wear jubah, and I got no jubah brought here in Maktab, so I borrowed others laa.. XB

With Shahrul and the kids.. Hahaha.. Our Maktab celebrated Raya Korban with few orphans from an orphanage.. Am not soo sure where or which orphanage..

Muka tak ikhlas betul bergambar dengan I.. =.='' haha

After celebrated with those orphans, we headed to Athirah's which located in front of the Maktab.. We ate like crazy on that time.. bluurrp~

Then, at night we had BBQ and ABC with our colleagues. It was SUPER fun!!!

When such experienced happened to me, I had a thought that its not who we with or where we celebrate it. Its how we appreciate it.. Yeah, it is ma first time celebrated it without ma parents and it was a BIG deal for me as I am the youngest and Raya Korban is a thing in ma family because most family do not celebrate it that much to be compared with how they celebrate Raya Aidil Adha right?? At first, when takbir raya were held in the Surau on Raya Korban's eve, I almost cried and I called Mummy saying hi and all that stuff.. Then the next day, before I went to Dewan Terbuka and joined them celebrated it with our "yummy" breakfast, I made a video call with ma family.. Again I almost cried.. But this is how we learned and grown up.. And I felt so thankful to be having such family here in MJSC Kuantan.. We were all soo closed that I almost forgot that I did not celebrated this Raya with ma family.. Thanks guys, you guys had made ma day!! YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! I love all of you, and this will be the best memories we ever had together and I'm sure, next thing, when Raya Korban appears next time, I'm sure that I'll always remember how I celebrated it with you guys.. :')


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