Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Months and Seventeen Days Complete Me. :')

Wokay... Imma back!! Heee.
Hello dear readers.. Imma darker and nothing had change in ma weight. Owh wait, on our last week there, we had to like count our BMI again for the camp to make a statistic whether we had gained or lose our weight and congratulations to me, I gained a kilo!! T_T

And wow!! I had managed to finished ma life there.. What a BIG relieved. It was tough! I bet y'all. I cried countless times.. I hurt soo many times but to me, PLKN is an experienced to be remembered. Only the chosen one will knew the joy and sorrow living there.

So let me just show you people some photos. Imma soo lazy to write and these are some of the photos, well I had soo many and do click here for the rest of it.

Wiiii.. The gained weight version of me. ==''

This was during wirajaya activity where we had to spend a day in the forest. I performed ma prayers there, eating in a mestin, and I joined the gadget team where I had to cut lots of living wood and collected them and my part was to build a dining table. Heee. Very tiring yet soo much fun!!!

Ma team!! After the judges had came and finalize our results. Heee

Nad-Wan Ting-Me-Kelly

Yeah, Imma so shocked when I first enter the bus, Nad was the first one who approached. And I was like, "Hey, there is a Convent girl here!!!". And yeah, the four of us are FOREVER CONVENT!!

The food. No comment~

Soul sister!! The first time we met we had clique by each other. I just LOVE you girls soo MUCH!!

The person who shared every single things to me. The one who would be there for me in thick and thin and the person I looked for if anything happened to me in the camp. My one and only best mate, Ell!! Thanks for everything, I owe you so much and I would never ever forget you in ma life, best SISTER!!!

My one and only true friend there. Kimah, I just love the way we could be soo clique and the way you understand me better. I just love how we could share every single things and we just had the moment where only the two of us who could felt the bond between it. I LOVE YOU BEST FRIENDS!!!

The person in ma heart right now.
Ma soul sister.
Kimah-Me-Faz *clockwise*

Jia Yuan-Me-Faz

I just love to hangout with this two awesome people!!


Here I am with ma one and only tweeny there, showing our phone with the same wallpaper we had. Look closely at the wallpaper. Yeah, it was us. To ma Sovereign's, his attitude is waay same like Yaseer, no kidding. That was the reason why I could be soo closed to him. We are very close! No bluffing.
I LOVE YOU TWEENY!! And hoping that we could frequently hangout together. :)

Alpha Forever!

I am team Alpha! and of coarse, we are the winner for K1/S9/2012!!


The supporters for Alpha football team. This was during the final football matched between Alpha and Bravo. Alpha won the game! I had soo much fun as there were screaming and jumping here and there. I joined too. It was a day full of joy! Cant really described ma feeling on that day.


Met ma guy. LOL

Well, there was a HUGE story behind all these. Only those who in ma camp knew about this. I cant explained it here but one thing for sure. You, yes you Jai, I wont forget you forever. You had colours ma life in Titian Bintangor. Yeah, we do had fight everything and you stopped to teas me, and now we're a very good friend. I kept your promises to me. So, go on and be a very successful engineer as you told me before. Then only can you find me. :)


Met ma two best girlfriends from Charlie. I just love you Eida and you too Farzana.
To Eida, we're forever RMC!!! Don't ever forget me. I wished a very best of luck for you in Egypt. Study well and come back here as a very successful dentistry and we could both be a great Dr. You are very smart and I just knew that you could do it! Go Eida!!

In Integrasi Class. So much memories here.
We had soo many class there. There are Modul 1, Modul 2, Budaya Kerja, Kenegaraan and AADK.

Shahrul-Faz-Syamil-Me-Ah Yi

Met wira and wirawati who got pangkat!! LOL *what la ma English.
Check out their shoulders. Cool huh??



Me-Kak Long-Mummy

Thanks for coming and visited me for like almost every week. I owe you guys soo much. I just loved the way you guys had been so kind and cared to me cause you guys like always been there when I need you guys the most. You people rock ma life forever! Thanks ma dear family~

Finally, the closing ceremony. When I sang the national service song for the last time, I had tears inside. Wow, it finally ended. All of ma hard work here had finally come to an end. Seriously?? Nobody could ever felt what I felt inside. Happy, sad, everything. This 3 months was soo meaningful to me. I could never ever get it in anywhere. In here, only in Titian Bintangor. Where I met ma soul sister, the class, the experienced, everything!! Soo much things to share to you guys but it just soo hard to express. One thing for sure, I am now officially announced that


Yeah I admit, when I first got the news that I was selected as one of the wirawati and have to register to one of the selected camp. I cursed a lot, I cried like a baby, I hate it soo much till I had soo much evil childish plan for just not going to the camp. Until the day I had to go to the camp, I swear like countless time. I hate it ! I hate it! I hate it!! And plus, when making friends there, I had to be such a hypocrite cause seriously, they were just not ma type. But as time passed by, Ell was right. Thank you for showing me that friend is not someone who we can pick of from a huge community. They are just meant for us, tho we shared a lot of differences and their family background is waay different from me. We just had to be friend cause the truly real meaning of friend is to share thick and thin with us. And would always be there when we need em. Its true. Even the person, if she was out there and I will surely point her as rempit could be ma very best friends there, cause she will always be there for me and I owe her for that.

Sometimes, things are just cant be learned by book, we had to gained by ourselves from an experienced. That was the precious things I learned there.

I just had soo many things to share but am soo busy doing other stuff. If I got the time, I'll update more. Imma promise. Till then, PLKN rocks!! Heee..

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who will be updating about her SPM results,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xox

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