Sunday, April 1, 2012

It was not my day, It was my parents's.

Owh wow, its been a decade that I haven't post anything here. pffft..

Owh well, when you just got back from a very oh-so-packed timetable plus not to mention tiring camp, then there is like an aura, I meant very dangerous aura will diffuse through out whole of your body, specifically known as LAZINESS attitude!!! 

Yeah, recently everyone keep fussing around about SPM results. Here and there, they tweet, they post or even the aunties and uncle who are soo menyibuk asking about other people's children. Like helloo, "anak awak tu bagus sangat ke???"* rolled eyes here.

Okay back to the issue, be serious wawa! LOL
On the 21st of March 2012, the moment had arrived.. Muahahahaha. The thing that I had been waiting for since the day I was born, eh that's too much kot. Again, the thing that I have been waiting for since I started my form 1, my high school year ending. I remembered after I had received my PMR results, abangah challenged me to get at least straight A's in ma SPM results, so that my school year history would be perfect. Gaining all the straight A's in every compulsory examinations here in Malaysia.

And Alhamdulillah.. I did managed to take abangah's challenge..

On the day itself, I woke up late which practically had make our trip to Kuantan late. Hee thanks to me. So I arrived there around 10.45 am. When Ayah was making his way to park our car at the field, Hanna suddenly called me and asked where am I? She was sobbing btw, I was like damn shit Hanna. Please don't cry. I asked her whether the results were out or not? Then that was the reasons why she cried. Her results was fantastic kot!! But she just can't helping it and she cried. Its okay ma babyy girl Hanna, be grateful. There a lot of students out there, an A pun tak ade okay. Imma soo happy for ya!!

Then after receiving Hanna's phone call. With all sorts of feelings, I bravely walked to DI. At first ayah wanted to bring the camera along. Then I was like no way! What if ma results is not that good, tak malu ke nak ambik gambar happy-happy kan. Soo not me. Then Ayah didn't listen to me and just brought along the camera. Me? *rolled eyes. Duuhh. I was nervous to hell kot.

Then I met everyone, hugging sessions everything. Owh how I missed everyone soo badly. Then I had to queue up for making sure that I had paid everything. Not having debt with the school or else I cant received ma results. Okay, syukur I had paid everything, and now for the moment I've been waiting for, my results.

Teacher Wan Idayani who was in duty on giving the results to 5 Cemerlang, my class. She asked me to check all my address, name, phone number everything. Then she said, "Owh because on certain problems, I cant give you, your results." She is smiling, so I was like "You're kidding right teacher? Come on, I dah sangat nervous dah ni teacher. Don't make it worst." "Yeah I m serious, it was not a joke." 

Mummy like soo out of control. She was like "Excuse me teacher, my daughter had done all her payment. So what's wrong? Why can't she get her slip??". And Hanna knew the trick, Hanna said that its okay la aunty, ni maksudnya Azwa dapat straight A's. Then teacher Fifita was like trying to calm mummy down. She told mummy the truth. "Some of the students, their name will be called out on stage. Ayahanda himself will give them their slip. So Puan rilex okay. Its nothing serious. It is actually a good news. Azwa please calm your mother down, she looked very nervous. :)" . And I was like, okay! Heeeee...

Me - Hanna

I am so proud of you babyy girl. Hoping for the best from you. Go to Nottingham and break a leg there! LOL Be a great psychologist. I just LOVE you!

I managed to make a peace on the stage! Wiiiii.

Mummy - Me
Thanks for everything. Yes, This is for you! This is your day. I had nothing to give back after all that you have done to me. Since the day I was born. This is the only precious gift that I wanted to give to you.

52 students - The straight A's

Lily - Qilah - Haidar - Azreen - Azarul - Mina- Ella - Anis - Hanna - Me - Afina

Aniz - Huda - Me - Azreen

Nisa - Mirah - Me - Anis - Qilah
Look how beautiful ma ladies had turned up. After more than three months we haven't met. Tadaaa.. Semua pretty ladies up there. I'm alone yang hitam!! PLKN!!! T_T

Me - Aizat - Lokman Junior - Lokman senior

LOL All ma abang-abang ni semua dapat straight A's. Congratulations dear abang!!!

Cikgu Syahmi - Me - Hanna - Mirah
When I was in DI queue-ing to final check ma payment everything. Cikgu Syahmi called me. I was touched at first. I was like "Yay, bapak call!" Hee. He was my warden. We were very closed. And I just love how he treated me and my roommates. You are one of the teacher that will be in ma heart forever Cikgu Syahmi! You rock! I just love you soo much!!! If I manage to live ma dream and become a successful doctor, I surely will repay everything to you. I will surely remember you and I really wanted to give back to you. Stay healthy and stay handsome cikgu!! I LOVE YOU!!
Thanks for every single good deeds that you had done to me!
muah muah

Yeah, as you can see, Alhamdulillah. I managed to get straight A's. Maybe my results was not that good to be compared to you guys. Some of ma friends got 9A+!! And I was really happy and grateful for them! Owh and a big congratulations to Syaza or should I called Nazu! 9A+ kot!! Sumpah hebat! I envy you soo much! Congrats dear! And to the rest of Sovereigns!!! You guys were really good!! I am soo proud of you all! Tho that we could not satisfied Ayahanda wished to be number 1 among MRSM and in Malaysia. To me, be in the 4th place and the 9th place in MRSM and in Malaysia respectively is good enough! We at least had open the eyes of the people out there who still think that MRSM Kuantan is the place of exile and undisciplined students. We're not!! Na'ah! Sovereigns RULES!!!

Owh not to forget to ma beloved cousins, Natasha and Wan who managed to get excellent results!! Congrats ma both cousins!! Am soo happy for ya guys! And to Wan, congrats that MRSM Taiping managed to be in the second place and had beat us. Owh well, rezeki korang kan. LOL Anyway, congrats!!

Here are the ranking between MRSM and SBP for SPM 2011 in Malaysia :

  2. SEKOLAH TUN FATIMAH 152 - 0.9390
  3. SEKOLAH TUN FATIMAH 152 - 0.9390
  5.  MRSM TAIPING – 1.06
  9.  MRSM KUANTAN – 1.19
  10.  MRSM LANGKAWI – 1.21
  Here are the ranking between MRSM for SPM 2011 in Malaysia :

  1. TUN GHAFAR BABA – 1.00
  2. TAIPING – 1.06
  4. KUANTAN – 1.19
  5. LANGKAWI – 1.21
  6. PONTIAN – 1.29
  7. BALIK PULAU – 1.63
  8. TRANSKRIAN – 1.70
  9. PASIR SALAK – 1.73
  10. KUALA KUBU BARU – 1.77

To ayah and mummy. Thanks for everything. I can't express how proud I am to be your daughter. To be having such successful parents. I wish to be like you guys. This is the only way that I can give back to both of you. Tho that I didn't managed to give you 9A+. I hope that this is okay.  Thanks for everything really. I just wanna say that I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you!

To the teachers, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! 

To Allah, Alhamdulillah. Thank you very much!

To ma dear friends, especially Sovereigns, THANK YOU GUYS! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

To dear examiners, Thanks for giving me good results. THANK YOU!

To everyone, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!

I had finally complete my high school year with complete straight A's since UPSR, PMR and finally, SPM. Thank you soo much! 

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who had lived her dreams,

wawa cyrus


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