Friday, December 2, 2011

I wished for it to be a HAPPY ending and it WAS!!

helluuuww people!!
SPM is OVER and everyone knew about it, for me I guess because I am a science stream student. So we're done and for those who are taking other subjects, good luck for your SPM and do your best for it!!! You guys boleh punye!!

Now, I'm going to start ma everyday posting updating everything!!! Not to mention ma everyday-wholemeal-bread-diet as what Doda told me to do so, it helps in losing few weights. I just know it will help! And yeah, ma early jogging will be starting tomorrow. Still praying that I could manage to wake up as early as I could to go for a jog.. hehe.. Need to lose some weight as I have another 2 weeks for ma PROM!! demm

And later I'll be posting for the whole year living in MJSC Kuantan and all the up and downs there and about our last moments together.. Everything will be on the next post.. So just chilling up with this post.

Here for a start.

Thanks for everything. You made the right decision when you said that you wanted to have a talk with me. And yeah, we spend that moment perfectly and what you did was just what I wished for not to happened but somehow I felt so relieved and it felt like a huge rock had just left ma left shoulder and another one will be leaving sooner.

We fight, we shared, we have those moments and we gone all the ups and downs together. You were right when you said that it supposed to end here. When I heard that, I could not think of anything else but a smile came out from ma face if you did noticed. You were right, as a Muslim, this whole idea was a total WRONG! Ustaz Anas was right either. I understood.

After that 'night', the night you said "Aku lepaskan kau" few weeks before SPM. My heart crushed but with a promise that it will be going to be alright after SPM ay?? And through the SPM weeks, I had a thought that if this would be possible. If our relationships will ended up with people eating our nasi minyak. What if you and I will find someone else in the future. What if.... And these bugging me all the time.. Thinking of the possibilities. Where I should supposed NOT too. But I'm a girl, I cant help NOT to.

And you're the best boyfriend I ever had because you understand me better. You always do. And 'this' is the BEST way that it should be. We can change by just praying. If I was really meant for you, so cepat-cepatlah datang meminang. Like you said on that day, "kalau ada jodoh tak kemane kan?"

And now, let us just be best friends, and I demand it to be like FOREVER. We never know. Things just happened. And when you had find the one, don't forget to invite me to your wedding and I demand for VVIP seat!! Hehe..

To my one and only Aladdin, kata nak kerja dulu and tak nak fikir ape-ape kan? So, lepas dah dapat results SPM ni, do your very BEST in everything. I knew and the whole Maktab knew that you can do it!! Earn as lot of money that you could. And by goods for your future wife and family.. Girls just love to be having a loaded husband! ;) Or perhaps I was the only one who wished to be having a loaded husband. hehe Lepas ni, might be we will never be seeing each other or kalau ade jodoh we will meet up somehow. Just have fun with your life!! Kalau dah asyik kerja je and tak kawin-kawin, I'll gelakkan you!!! BAHAHAHAX

When I was in the middle of unpacking things from the college, I found all your things and you always mentioned this to me

* **** ***, you are the best thing that ever happened in my life


Things will never be the same dah sekarang. And I hope we will still be contacting each other and say hi all that stuff. And when the time comes, don't ever forget to invite me!! I'll come for sure..

Aizat memang kejam, ambik gambar side where I look soo GEMUK!!! =.=''

Now I have the guts to post this picture as I knew that we're just best friends now and everyone should know that!!! No more gossiping here and there.. Btw, I look more prettier than you do! hehe

Every cloud had a silver lining. Hoping the best for you and let live our life to the fullest!!

Owh btw, I had only 28 days left before I'll be going to PLKN!! This sucks!! I'm not going!! I promised.. But how? I'll think for the options!! I kan crazy! meheh~

I am a grown up you people!! No more wearing uniforms and having history class!! hehe.. I just hate history..

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is trying to love her way on refusing from eating delicious fatty food,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xox

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