Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Salam and hello!

Woah, I'm eighteen! Weeeeeee..

I am finally legal for every single thing! Yay for that! Yeah maybe I don't organized yet any partay, but this year birthday celebration is full of blessing from everyone! Gosh, I'm just soo happy. Now that I'm eighteen, I hope that any decision that I've had made will be the best decision I will be saying in the next 10 years. I am looking forward to ma studies very much! No more fooling around. I promise! After I had went to PLKN, after I had met few friends, I know that I don't want to be like them. I don't want ma future babies to be grown up in such family. I want to be successful and to have money and spend it like a boss. I just don't want ma family to be mingling around with those kind of people. I think you guys get what I meant. 18 is a big number to us you people. Any decision will be the product of our image in the next 10 years. So, I hope to meet up with you people living in an awesome and cool life in the next 10 years. :)

So ma birthday eve, haha. Or should I called it right? 
I received birthday messages from phone, twitter, Facebook at the same time kot! Bahahaha. It was soo cute! I was soo touched! LOL

So yeah, the next morning, haha. After two years celebrated it without ma parents, which duuuh. I'm a boarding school girl remember, mummy gave me a morning kiss and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Awww.. And as usual, never missed even a year. Birthday cards*forgot to snap it and post it here. Owh well, ayah, mummy, kak long and bangah give me each a birthday card! Ahaha nothing special! LOL

Ma birthday presents??

Naah.. I had enough gifts from ma straight A's results. All ma wished had been fulfilled! LOL So right now, I just wanted an extra pocket money to go shopping!! LOL

I am soo happy, I have a very wide communities!! I received birthday wishes from a very 4 big communities. Family, childhood friends *Convent in a sense, Sovereign's, and ma PLKN friends..
Hahaha.. They all were just soo cute and soo sweet! I've got phone calls, long and meaningful messages. :") Thanks everyone!! I really do appreciate it! Even ma PLKN friends, we met and knew each other for only 3 months, but they treated me like I am oh so their beloved sister!! I am blessed! Seriously. Blessed to be having such friends! muah

To everyone, thanks because you people had coloured ma 18 years in living! I LOVE EACH OF YA GUYS!!

Will be rocking ma 18 years

Still the old same silly rockstar wanna be me! meheh~

Azreen gonna be soo jealous! Her favorite birthday cake - Tiramisu! LOL

LOOK!! AIMAN made it for me!!

Heeee.. :B 
Thanks Aiman! I love you! LOL Thanks for making me this tho that I was the one who forced you cause I'm being soo jealous on Peja, but still. You fulfilled ma wished! Thanks brother!
You rock! :")

Ma favorite girlfriend, KIMAH!!
Kimah is ma one and only true friend in PLKN. LOL naah.. There's more but I love Kimah better! Hehehe.. On the night of ma birhthday, Kimah BBM me. Then she send me a video. At first I was like, "Ni mesti video Miley Cyrus!"

Then suddenly it turned out to be . . . . . . . . . .

Tadaaa! Enjoy watching!

See, even we are far apart, by only BBM. She still can give me a birthday present! How technologies had conquered the world!
But that is not the issue here, the issue right now is I just wanna say that thanks Kimah!!! I really love this, I really appreciate this! I just LOVE you!!! Thanks sooo much babyy Kimah!!!

So now, ma title had mentioned it all. The moment we start to know a person. Appreciate them in present. Because they'll do the same in the future. Owh a person that I was soo touched is Kak Nasuha! LOL Even now Suha is busy studying, she still remembered ma birthday and give me a very touched birthday wished! Thanks Kak Suha!
And thanks too to whoever called me, text me or post bithday wishes in twitter and Facebook.
Thanks everyone!
A very special muah from a rockstar! :-*

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who had been blessed by everything,

wawa cyrus


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