Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Fun Day Out with Si Blur

Hello and Salam. 

Well nothing much, I just want to say that I'm having fun meeting ma two best girlfriends! They were super awesome! Dah lama gila I haven't met si Nadia tu. She with her blur attitude was soo funny! I miss you soo soo much Nadia!! And Nazira hasn't change at all. Sama je with her beautiful face and her beautiful attitude. Really such a perfect teenage girl. To be having the beauty inside and out. I miss you both! :")

Nazira - Me - Nadia

Me - Nazira

Si Cantik Nazira

Oh Mai, look at Nadia's face. So clean, Imma jealous! T_T


Hahaha, this is funny. There's this Abang who worked at the food court. Nadia was craving for Nasi Ayam, so I accompanied her la to buy it. Then the Abang and I was like having a small talk because he was from Sabah and as you guys knew that ma hometown is in Sabah too. So after had a chit chat and we made jokes everything. Nadia and I went somewhere else to find us a nice place to eat. 30 minutes later, a guy gave me that paper, written Aboy and his phone number. =.="
Seriously guy, tho that you came from ma hometown, I ain't like you!! Get me?

Nazira's new camera! Cute!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who really had a fun time with her girlfriends,

wawa cyrus


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