Monday, April 9, 2012

GIBS Invite Me to a Dinner?


Hello and salam.

Well, na'ah. My mom is one of  the member in GIBS  (Gabungan Ikhtisas Dan Usahawan Bumiputra Anak Selangor), an organized body by whom I just don't know. Hahaha. So she and ayah were the one who had been invited to that dinner, in Concorde Shah Alam. And how I ended up being there?? Owh well, my auntie is one of the big man in that association, so she gave me and few of my cousins free seating in that night. And it was  all worthwhile because there were soo many food and they were all soo yummy! I had came to few of their events and they were all boring, so despite of the delicious food, I've got to meet Shasha on that night. So yeah cool! It was a one awesome night! No more attending boring event organized by GIBS. LOL

This is funny to me! Baju see trough! LOL

Shasha - Me - Rasyid

Rasyid was being soo annoying on that night! Hahaha. I just missed him soo badly, this boy is one of ma true cousin that I had! :")

Me - Abang Ajak
Met our one and only steward in my family. :P Everyone wanted to take pictures with abang Ajak. Its true, abang Ajak was soo 'hot' on that night. LOL 
*Kidding kay abang Ajak.

Abang Ajak - Ayah - Pakcik - Abang Man - Uncle Majid - Abang Wahid - Rasyid
Look how macho those gentleman in their own suits! Cool kan mereka ini semua! LOL

Abang Man - Kak Ana - Uncle Majid - Auntie Normah - Makcik - Pakcik - Shasha - Mummy - Ayah

Ze couples. Suddenly Shasha was the only one who sesat there. LOL

Okay, the night was fantastically awesome!
Hahaha. I am soo lazy to blog anyway. So just enjoy this short post. Nothing much to elaborate, I just had fun on that night. muah

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who had enough eating those fat,

wawa cyrus


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