Tuesday, November 16, 2010


KAY, finally the mission on destroying Wawa's life is finally over! For this year, but its okay. I'm fun and glad to actually breath in own ma home sweet home! And plus, I can freely wake up and do not have to see the face of peeps that I hate the most! Wa***n to be specific...

Being a boarding gurl actually taught me a lot of things...

  • I did ma own laundry! Obviously..
  • I learn all the important nine subjects by ma self with the helps of friends and no tuition! Cant believe that I managed to do it!
  • I survived with this particular wa***n.
  • Be away from parents for like miles away.
  • You have to wake up for yourself and no one actually help you, except if you had families that treat you like their own sistuhh like SASA'S FAMILY!
  • If you cried or got problems, only true friends will help you..
  • There is a lot more study-holic and rich children out there..
  • Just be yourselves to be fit in..
  • Try your best to achieve something because everyone is good!
  • Learned how to speak kelate! woot woot
  • Having a tweeny like Yasser is once a life time.
  • Peeps are good when it comes to be hypocrite.
  • True friends are everything!
  • Don't ever believe in guys..
Tho that I hate ma life there at first, but trust me, "tak kenal maka tak cinta". Eceh, yeah, I bet y'all. I did cried at first.. I know, spoil brat like me surely cried but ma parents make me realised how stupid I am if I quit.. I tried so hard to stay and I finally managed it and I STAY! Its not easy yet everyone can get through it.

I found that all CEOS, Directors, Dr., Accountants by meaning all successful peeps came from tough situation and ma add math teacher always told us that, if you wanna be a successful person, you have to get through tough situation first so that you can feel the exact meaning of success.. Well, I'm not trying to say that if you are not in any boarding school then you cant be a successful person but what I meant was all ma journey for this year in MJSC were actually worthful and taught me something to be somebody and is just some of ma wisdom words and anyone who read this should not and can not felt that I'm trying to say that having a life in boarding school is better then living your life from ordinary school.. Well, whoever don't understand these, don't ever bother to re-read because neither do I understand what actually the meaning of these.

And yeah, I am now loving ma life in Kajang and hoping that time could pass slowly so that I can enjoy ma self here.. Writing this remind me that next year will be tough year! SENIOR YEAR! grr.. Hate to wrote those words..

SENIOR YEAR, here we are..

Too bad hearing about Billy and Tish Cyrus were divorced.. Hows Miley gonna take it.. Just few days for her sweet 18 birthday.. Wow, pity her..

Here is a headline about it..

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is loving her life in Kajang,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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