Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Farry just called me today... Who's Farry???? Kay, she is ma junior in Convent which practically the closest junior I ever met after Nuna aka Amalina had left Convent and went to Vietnam... She really is a nice gurl.. We became closer after we secretly wrote letter to each other and put it under the table... Cute huh? It was all happened because we had to wrap our table and Farry leave a letter to me under the table asking me if I wanna decorate the table.. Yeah, that's how our relationship began.. And I'm okay with it because she is a fun gurl!
Here is a picto of me and her during 1Malaysia Event at our school last year...

She was a bit shy when taking a picto with me.. It shows... Look at her pose...

She did this to me.. I cant remember exactly who did it either her or her best friend, but its CUTE! Because it has ma name on it.. hehe..

Well, before I went to MJSC Kuantan, she gave me a cute teddy bear which I supposed to post it picto here, but to bad it went missing, because I do take it picto the day Farry gave me the teddy bear, but it went missing.. And I'm too lazy to take another picto.. Sorry teddy, and I name it Farry as remembering the owner.. Like duhh... Everyone knew that =.=...

Well, looking at ma old pics.. I miss ma days being a prefect at SMK CONVENT KAJANG, that school is just me.. I've got a lot of memories because I've been there since standard 1 as a primary student of SK CONVENT KAJANG... aww.. I miss ma old days so much!

Look at me, hanging out with ma friends at Mc'd after school.. That's our hobby...

another month, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who miss her old days in Convent,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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