Friday, December 10, 2010


Okay, last Tuesday which was on Maal Hijrah, I received an envelope which filled with a few pieces of paper that I've been waiting for since the last day at the college. And I already have it here in ma hands.. And thank god for ma result! Seriously, I don't expect such result and I really did ma best and I deserved it! Congrats to ma dearest friends who actually managed to have results with flying colours! And a SALUTE form me to Adibah because she managed to get 4flat for the second semester! woot woot..

Anyway, I celebrated it with a slice of Black Forest Cheese by Secret Recipe! OMG, I'm soo happy! and again, Yay for ma result!

Yumm! And I'm so happy when eating this wonder-full of fat and cholesterol "who cares, I'm celebrated something"! I just LOVE cheese cake!

About ma tuition, I'm glad that it full with science stream students which meant that there is no more rempit or unwanted students who for god sake went to tuition because they were forced by their parents and not to study! A BIG YAY for that! I'm really really glad.. I hate to hear such stupid questions from them.. I remembered when we were all in form3 and these guys asked teacher about such stupid question.. Something like" kenapa kene bahagi dua cikgu" or "cikgu, factorise tu apa?". Seriously, stop making fun of it and just study, okay! I'm done with this stupid nonsense questions.. I meant hello, don't be such a stupid because you ain't funny.. And I do glad that those rempits is not in the class anymore. Yeah for sure, they will never ever taking science stream if they don't even know a simple maths! Phewwh.. Sorry for insulting peeps, but I seriously mad at those rempits who making fun in the class while you were actually serious about it.. They were just wasting ma times in the class.. Hello, ma mom paid for it too, okay?
And now, ma tuition class is full of brilliant and serious peeps who really cared about our subjects! And I'm a lil shocked at the guys. They were really smart and its cool to have smart guys in your tuition class, it brings the more aura to study.. Ngeh ngeh.. I always think that guy whose smart is cool and hot! yeah, you people will look cool when you are smart! And I have this guy from a boarding school in Seremban, which is Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban (SASER). Its actually a boarding school meant for guys only.. Well, it is SBT which stands for SEKOLAH BERPRESTASI TINGGI.. Cool huh? It will be fun for me to make a trip there.. Going to school with full of smart guys, Hello.. I would LOVE TOO! I just wanna say that I envy him.. He is so smart.. When we had a chemistry class these past few days ago, He was like memorise every single thing about Chemistry! I was like "WHOA!". He was like super duper smart and I think he was cool! A guy, memorising school stuff, and its Chemistry? You've gotta be kidding me?! Well, I met a few, which is ma schoolmates.. Okay he was Zikri, everyone knew Zikri is smart.. But went I met this guy at the tuition, I was like, it cant be possible? Can it? If teacher asked us something, with cool he answered it confidently! OMG, he was sooo COOL! And I'm not into him okay!

The main point here, If a guy is smart, then he is COOL!
That just it.. I just wanna say that I'm living ma life greatly, and I love SMART which practically meant BRILLIANT guy!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is extremely HAPPY for her final result,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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