Tuesday, December 14, 2010


HaHa.. Okay2, don't be mad at me Qwerty, I'm just joking.. What had happened to this blog, I'm just like listening to peeps and post whatever they wanna read in ma blog! Well, Imma kinda okay with it because I don't have any idea to post and its something cool to post this because I really wanna explain to all you people why I'm wearing ma tudung right now and forever..

"write about ur boyfr..boyfrie...haha no lah write the reason why did you wear tudung after living at boarding school? what did the teacher tell yo??"-qwerty-

Dot.. Dot.. Dot..

Okay, I kind of don't know how to start it because this issue might be sensitive to certain peeps.. Well, this is sensitive to me too before I wear ma tudung or headscarf or hijab or whatsoever they called it.. Okay, let it be simple, tudung.. I hope it is find to the readers..

Before I started wearing tudung.. I really hate to hear peeps kept asking me, mostly the pious in Islam why don't you wear your tudung.. I remembered and always remembered this... When I was in standard 5, I went to this tuition near ma house.. I registered for only two subjects which is English and Maths.. I and this only gurl which make it two, the two of us don't wore tudung.. One day, this English teacher called me and this gurl to meet her after class.. She was actually a Christian and became an Islam few years ago.. I don't know the exact time when she became an Islam.. She asked us to wear tudung when come to her class.. Well I couldn't say no as I was only 11, and pretty dumb to say no tho.. So I just wear it as she wants it.. Then, after few years entering the same tuition till I'm in form 3.. Frankly speaking, I was annoyed with maself and felt sorry for the English teacher because I hate wearing it.. I am not soo sincere to wear tudung to the tuition as most of ma attire were to sexy and I will look like stupid when wearing it with cardigans, inner and match it with jeans whatsoever.. As a result, I kept cursing maself when getting ready to the tuition.. See how bad you are when you are just wearing it for the sake of someone else or not sincere..

To me, we have to be sincere to Allah for what we does, Insha Allah Allah will help us..

So, how I managed to wear tudung when I'm actually a wild child before this.. Its hard to commit, but I guess I became like this was because the environment.. Well, ya know that I'm from Convent which all gurls and no guys.. So this covering body stuff from guys had make it nothing to me.. I don't even care about all those stuff.. And maybe because I wanted so badly to be famous and be a singer or maybe an actress that make me want to be more and more sexy and keep me far away to realise how important for a Muslimah to keep their pride and followed what Allah had asked us to.. And yes, maybe was because a REAL bad influenced from Miley Cyrus that I don't want to wear tudung..

So, those old times has vanished from ma mind and I don't wanna be the old WAWA CYRUS who hate to wear tudung and be the MUSLIMAH WAWA CYRUS whose still a rock star! ngeh ngeh..

Why had I change?????

It was all because for this Ustaz! I love Ustaz Zul! He changed me! He made me! He is the most powerful Muslim that had make one wild gurl change TOTALLY to become one Muslimah gurl who obey to Islam's demand. Thanks Ustaz, for everything.. His words were magical, if you were sincere in his class, you'll touched by every words that he says.. Its true! Asked ma friends.. He is really good and know the way to teach about Islam to a stubborn gurl like me. And not to mention because of The Arrivals.. Click it if you wanna know more about it.. I watched it and its sane! It make me changed like A LOT! It had been shown in the surau after we had our Maghrib prayers. The Arrivals make me crazy! I cant stop thinking about it after the show.. It was full of info that make me more realise how wild I am and how far I am from Islam.. Plus, I've been looking to a few gurls in the college.. They were so pious in Islam.. They have beautiful hairs, body and what women dream on having such perfect skin.. But they wear tudung.. See, how cool are them to protect their pride from others.. Yes, they had all of it, but that doesn't mean that they should show it to others.. Its theirs and they wanna show it only to their husband and it was one of Islam's Rules to always covered your body except face and palms. See, If they can do it, why don't you wawa? Why don't you? So, the girls in the dorm kept telling me, gave some really useful advised.. Then I realised how stupid I am if I don't wanna wear tudung..


Just remember, as a Muslimah.. It is not us to make decision to wear it or not but its our responsibilities to wear it.. Seriously, all the Muslimah is compulsory to wear tudung.. I pity all the gulrs out there who still don't wear their tudung.. It was because, if you really love Allah, so listen to Him.. There is always a secret why Allah asked us to do it.. So just do it..

Just remember that, once you wear it.. Make it sincere or else.. It wont last long.. Just remember that every gurl is pretty when wearing tudung because we are a Muslimah and we are pure pretty!

p/s: Sorry for ma header picto.. I'll changed it! For sure.. It just that I still don't have any idea to make a new one.. Just wait for it..

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who will changed her header,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. salam, seriously you're amazing. Alhamdulillah you are chosen to receive 'His' Hidayah.. All ever we need is, ISTIQAMAH and YAKIINAN SODIQA to Allah. one people like this. haha.. I think, it's now our job to bring others (gurls) to be on the right path just like yours.. Allah menurunkan sesuatu sebagai peringatan kpd yang lain. Innallah hu ala kulli syai'in qadir.(sesungguhnya Allah berkuasa atas tiap sesuatu)

  2. baek Mr. Stalker.. and now its your turn to always remind me if I did something wrong! By now, I appointed you as ma sifu!
    okay sifu! tugas baru untuk mengajar saya and all the gurls!!!!!
    hidup new wawa!!!!!