Monday, December 14, 2009


Assalamualaikum n a very good morning 2 everyone, "SALAM 1 MALAYSIA"

wow, whats up with the breaking news? huh? haha.. i'm gonna tell u n its totally a biggy n breaky news like no one who actually done it.. coz its totally HUGE n when i said HUGE, its a big regret to read this.. hahaha.. ok, first take a deeeep breath n look CAREFULLY on U're monitor, COZ if U read wrongly, u'll get the wrong news! dont wanna be torn huh? so, done all that? take a look at this....

on Sunday 13, December. wawa cyrus a regular teenager just doin nothing but check out on you-tube, suddenly.... she had a SHOCKED! shes TOTALLY in SHOCKED condition, even DUDE HARLINO'S CPR cant make her awake! (wow! dude gave me CPR?). she took a really close look to her monitor, and its true! its totally true, she fainted for a while, n when she woke up, it was not a dream, its true, its already happened! what?! no waaaayyyy............ (she screamed)

so with all the regret thingy, she had to do it, she must do it coz her Miley had done it, why not she.... ok, the breaking news is.....

i'm totally done hating SELENA GOMEZ....

quite hard to type those 6 words.. but i make it, i done it n i'm totally not gonna regret it! i donno, it just that miley sang 7 things with selena on TCA 2008 n she(selena) talked nice things about miley n she even sang ROCKSTAR by miley cyrus.. U guyz dont believe it huh? neither do I, but its the truth, n just check out on you-tube.. ITS THE TRUTH...

i've used this pic with the cross thingy on selena face n upload it on ms n i used the same pic to eliminate the cross from selena face.. i've regret n i'm totally sorry, selena.. n miley rules.. haha

so, to ma friends.. no worries, from now on U guyz can talk loudly about selena gomez in front of me n i dont even care, coz rite now she is apart of me.. being apart of me doesn't mean that i like her, i just dont hate her anymore.. yay, good to you wawa, now U had just minus 1 people from U're black list.. n to U ZORRO, U still on ma black list n FYI, U're on top of it! haha.. curse U! oopps, i did it again.. haha

another day, another story, another me,

by gurl who had regret doinn bad thing to peeps,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. haha wawa,
    im just wondering of how many people on our black list? like soo many huh? HAHA

    btw, im happy that SHE is still on top of our list. :)

  2. yeah i'm totally agree in you..
    shian ZORRO!
    haha, i mean serve her rite!