Wednesday, December 9, 2009


OLA blogger friend!

Nothing much to say, its been a boring day to me.. haha. Too lazy to update ma blog.. Now, ma hobby is reading peeps blog.. haha... So, it just came to ma mind when i watched HSM3 on Disney Channel past Saturday. Well, i'm quite of thinking.. The words from Troy, its really a great inspiration to me.... He's totally confuse about his future.. Whether to pick his dreams or choose his destiny like his friend and dad wanted it.........

Gosh, his crisis is just like me.. but in the end of the story, he picks to be both.. a basketball player and an actor! cool.. I wish i could make up like him.. so, the moral that i'm gonna share is to believe in watever U wanna be n make it come true... yeah i can say but do i exactly wanna do it.. "i dont even know"

to f3 peeps, U guyz will be screwed up about planning which 'aliran' that U'll gonna pick for f4... no worries, me either... just relax n wait for our results, then we decide on what to pick for our f4...

well, now i just wanna show U Miley's buffday cake on 23rd November! its rock, glam n awesome! its so cool! i wish next year, ma buffday cake will be like hers!

i wanna it! i wanna it! i wanna it so badly! U're lucky Miles......

cool huh?

that's it from me...

another day, another story, another me,

by gurl who kept thinking about her future,
wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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