Sunday, December 20, 2009

I HATE DUDE HARLINO! (official post by wawa)


yeah I know n I'm seriously mean it! I HATE U! DUDE HARLINO! I HATE U!

"why so rush? n why suddenly U hate him?" this might happened to all of ma friends. trust me. n U'll probably ask me the same thing if U read this post.. We all know, that I've been loving him since f2 but now I hate him n I dont even care about him anymore, n I said it twice, ANYMORE! Some blogger might ques this to me " who is this actually DUDE HARLINO guy?" Ok fine, he is an actor from Indonesia. n U'll laughed n said "INDONESIA?! what larr.."

Yeah I knew, he is from Indonesia but who cares, he was soo hot n I like him but not now! not ANYMORE! I just read the newspaper today, n it says, DUDE N NAY were officially MARRIED bla bla n bla.. what so ever.. to U're intention, I did cried, I know it sound stupid, but just ask SHASHA, ma cuzzen, she knows how obsessed I am to him.. it just that I cant accept that he was actually married with nay, I HATE U! Why cant U just wait for me, n we'll marry n be happily ever after? WHY? I HATE U! WHY HER? WHY?!


i cried... T^T

~poor me~

now, no more DUDE, NO MORE!

And to all ma frenz especially ma best ties. Plz do take note, dont ever mentioned DUDE's name in front of me, seriously, DONT! if U ever dare, I'll kill U! Just now, I've got 2 msg asking me about DUDE. Plz, no and dont asked me about this........

I am seriously gonna hate U till death!

I swear!


Here me out peeps, please dont be in love with celebs n I'm begging you. Coz it pains once U know he or she has married.. It was so hurt.. And to Aisya, plz~ Just let him go.. Please (no offense) I swear to not be in love with guy celebs anymore.. It seriously worthless! trust me..

to DUDE: U're so wrong to chose nay as U're wife n U'll regret it. huh! serve U rite coz U aint choose me! I HATE U!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who hate DUDE HARLINO so much!
wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo


  1. sorry just a rumours rite?
    they married only for sinetron

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  3. That's not true.. he's still single and still waiting his Ms.Right...

    dude n nay have different religion.. they'll never get marry.. cz they can't..
    they are not in love each all

    nay has a boyfriend...

  4. eye_na.. yeah, i knew it already, its all rumours...
    n thanx handini, yeah i knew.. the media make mistake by telling that they're married when they are not!