Monday, December 7, 2009


to anyone who are kind and had followed ma blog since its officially exist...

today, i had watch few videos in you-tube, nothing much, its about miley... i just dont get it, why do many people hate her so much?! Wait, i do get it.....
its bcoz she wears cloths look like a slut, or wait, she make a stupid video with her besties or maybe she is just too famous n you guyz just jealous n started to hate her... i know, when U guyz read it, U guyz will said "freaky gurl, cant accept the world who againts miley cyrus! just go away n flash U're ass of this blog!"
i know, U guyz will said those nasty words, but not just for me, but to miley too... i do get it now... but it always come to my mine, dont U guyz realise that all the hollywood artist will wear what miley wear, or act like one too... let see, not just hollywood artist but all the Americans out there.. there will flirt with any boys, wear slut clothes n make such stupid video in our intention....

but i just think that, HELLO! wake up larr.. everybody will do that, but why miley whose the one that U hate huh? u call her with a lot of meany words... it seems so funny....
wake up larr peeps!
as her no. 1 fan, i just wanna say that she rules n watever she does , she just being a miserable teen who still searching 4 a good life n future...
so, U r the one who go n flash U're ass of MILEY!

n, i just watched her video about "no more TWITTER!"
n its something that i wanna highlight about it, she says that she's off it bcoz she's always type about herself n media always published it with opposite words that make it like she is worst role model or smthing? n she also said that "I really like looking like KATY PERRY N BRITNEY!"
so, who cares, is her life then... 2 be honest, it a bit hurt when U like her n she said like that, but for me is her life n she has the rite 2 be the next BRITNEY!

full of emotion when typing this piece..
hope that U guyz dont have any hard felling towards me..
k? till here....

another day, another story, another me,
by miley's no1# hard die fan!

muahmuah xoxo

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