Tuesday, December 22, 2009


whoot.. whoot..

"who's Nadyra?" She used to be ma BFF back when we were in primary school.. (and we still a BFF). "why after 3 years?" because she went to MRSM when we were in f1! cool huh? no fair! (its her destiny Azwa). Well, its okay but I sort of sad that she went there because I'm so lonely back when I was in f1. But now, I've got plenty of bf like ESH, ZAHIRAH, FATINIE, SYIRA, the berlian gurlz and not to mention SHASHA(ma cuzz2), NAZZYRA and NADIA.. hehe...

Okay, yesterday on 22nd of December, haha.. Its only 2 days before we got our results. Me, SHASHA and Dyra. We put like an unplanned outing because we seems like missing each other so much.. haha..(lame!) So, we just went to MP which you guyz no hows ma mummy will react when it comes to go outing with friends without parents.. She'll never let me go too far, ("You miss me mummy aren't you?") haha.. So, we just went to the nearest and boring MP which the only mall that ma mom actually give the hard permission to moi.. ceh.

I'm too lazy to type, so just check this out...

this is the gurl called Nadyra! check out the money in ma hands, i treated them for lunch! huh, bluffing! haha..

we're super close!

guyz, check out ma pro style when throwing the bowling ball...

firstly, we have to choose a bowling ball. I picked ball sized 8.

then, we throw backwards like this.. official trademark move by me when throwing the bowling ball.

next, just throw it!

yay! i hit 9 pins!

actually, it was just 8 and look at ma marks, 3 times in a row i hit NOTHING! haha.. i hate that drain, it loves ma ball so much!

Okay, now we used the move that SHALIN ZULKIFLI(correct spelling ar?) taught me! haha...

i taught Dyra too.. (cehh, perasan!)

no fair, Shasha used bowling ball size 5! haha..

we ate at Kopitiam. and FYI, i hate that bangla there, they were so deaf.. haha.. pity them!

Shasha ate tomyam nasi campur. err? i think so..

this was mine! sour sop! swear I'll never ordered this again because it was soo small than the pic on the menu! what a lier!

look at ma tongue!

Dyra drank chocolate ice blended with a lil chocolate rice on top of it!

guess, where were we?

we use self-timer for 3 cameras and just check out our eyes! Shasha was looking at her camera, obviously I'm looking at mine and Dyra was looking at her camera! what larr.. haha..

To ESH, ZAHIRAH, SYIRA and FATINIE: seriously I had no intention to make y'all jealous or to not asked y'all about this outing because I just miss Nadyra so much and me and shasha are just wanted to hangout with her.. And if I do asked y'all, I'll bet y'all dont have the fun because y'all are not close with her.. I'm so sorry if I ever hurt y'all guyz.. ~sorry~

well, thats it for today!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who miss nadyra so much!

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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