Saturday, December 26, 2009


yippie.. yippie.. yipiee...

Thanx mummy because U're so kind + beautiful + I love you!
Thanx ayah because U're unexpected father + I'm so lucky to have you as a father!

They gave me what I want for the sake that I've got good results for PMR! Thank you ayah and mummy.. I love you guyz so much! U're the rockest parents ever! I love you, I love you, I love you.. Ok, maybe ma presents were not as cool as y'all.. But I appreciate it so much because its the one that I want! And I'll never regret it for asking them to buy me those thingy!

Well, here's the thing that I asked from ma mummy...

Mummy bought it, the day after the results was out..

It was, JVC (blablabla smthing), i dont even know..

I love the tripod camera stand!

Actually it can be longer than this..

U'll wonder why I want this camcorder (as the manual guide said) so much.. Because I wanna make a show on you-tube. So just wait for wawa maniac show.. Coming out soon on you-tube! Seriously, I'm not kiddin!

And this is what ma ayah gave me!

Honestly, ayah gave me on 24th of October, but its okay.. Thanx ayah because you trust me so much..

To all of you that might think I'm arrogant showing of ma presents.. Say it, I wont mine and not that I even care because this blog is just like ma diaries..

So thats it, just wait for ma upcoming show.. But, I just think that I'm gonna put a pre wawa maniac show on here...

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who gonna make a show on you-tube!
wawa cyrus
muahmuah xoxo


  1. azwa! can't wait to watch your show! haha , weh cium kaki mak ayah kau taw ! :DD

  2. nazzyra! If U dont watch ma show siap ko..
    I'll kick U're ass..
    I wanna kiss, but apparently they dont want me to kiss their feet!

  3. Eh kau nak buat show pulak?
    gila ahhh!
    bapak best
    pasal apa?
    kau nak cakap2 je ke? ke kau nak joget(macam aku)? atau kau nak nyanyi party in the usa?
    yayaya aku lembab
    kau dapat blackberry eh?
    bapak jeles!!!
    nape ahh aku tak buat betul2 dalam exam!!! hahaha

  4. haha..
    aku nk wat sume!
    nk ckap, joget2 and nyanyi tu laen kali ar aku pkir..
    mne ade aku dpat blackberry, ko gile!
    aku dapat NOKIA E63,
    cube ko tngok gmba tu btul2..