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I've nothing to blog it just that I wanna post this last year, but apparently ma schedule being a Diva was full, and I cant post it! haha..

So, 3 days before new year, I went to mid and I forced ayah and ma bro to go and searched for Miley Cyrus book, which is Miles To Go. Surprisingly, ayah found it(cool dad huh?). And I was like, what the hell! This is not the original book, the original book is hard cover and have a lot of Miley's photo on the back. Oh noooo...... This is the paperback edition which MPH was sold out the original one. So I was like mad to ma brother because he had seen the original one when he went to mid with ayah but he don't want to buy it! urrgghh...

I'm so confused whether to buy it or not? So I was just like "Ayah, nak beli la. Nanti wawa menyesal....". Then ma ayah was like " Are you sure? Nanti kalau jumpa yang ori punye?" But, on that time, I was just thought that this is the only time I could buy it. I just scared that it will sold out. Then I bought it...
So, 2 days before new year, which is the day after. Me, ayah and ma bro went to Suria KLCC and we went to the Kinokuniya and surprisingly ma ayah saw the Miles To Go original edition.(What is wrong with me la? Why is always ayah will found it, not me?). And I was like ahhh!(screaming to your intention) I want it.. I want it.. I want it..

But, ma ayah say "NO! You have it, but in the paperback edition. It just the same la wawa..." and I was like, making baby faced but it not works..

Urgghh, why don't U told me that we're going to the Suria KLCC tomorrow.. urrghh.. I was so depressed, I just hugged the book and we just go.. Bubye Miles To go.. Mummy love you..

Okay, now I 'm okay with it, It just the same book with a different condition..

I love it!

Guess what? Miley knows Indonesia and Thailand! That means she knows Malaysia!(I hope so) Yay! She wrote on 100 things I want to do before I die..

no. 47- live with family in Thailand and experience their day.

no. 48- dig a well in Indonesia.

I just love this book! Go Miley!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who admired Miley Cyrus,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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