Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay, its a bit a shamed to wish "WELCOME 2010" where today is 8/01/2010.

Whose gonna cares, is ma blog and no one who actually read it..
Okay, here's the deal, I'm gonna write ma resolution for 2010..

Here's ma resolution.

  1. I'm seriously gonna stop being mean to peeps that I hate so much.. To those who knows me, U'll understand..
  2. I wanna exercise more vigorously (haha.. science word!) so that I end up looking like Doda! Yes, I wanna shape like you Doda!
  3. I wanna get rid of all ma zits at ma face so I have a chance to win Clean and Clear this year.. Poor me and Doda..
  4. I wanna make a hit show on you-tube feat. ma best ties..
  5. I wanna be a great student (only in studies! not ma character in school!). So that ma bro, doesnt look down on me.. "hey bro, I wanna show that I can la bro. MALAYSIA BOLEH!"
  6. I seriously wanna be a bad gurl (in a naughty way) so that I could have the best memories when I old and married and have twins! coz, I'm actually gonna be sixteen..(quite hard to type that six.... word)
  7. I wanna be an idol to those who hates MILEY CYRUS.. (bluffing!)
  8. Seriously, I just wanna be me!

To ma perception, peeps nowadays are wasting their time thinking of ideas to make resolutions, but in the end, we just be us in 2009.. nothing had change.. yeah, nothing had change (no offense to those who actually success).
I seriously gonna make the best of this year being me, as who I am!

( shasha, azwan and me!)

this pic has nothing related to ma resolutions, we're like celebrating our successful results in PMR.. congratz shasha and azwan for getting straight A's! we're in ma house. p/s: I hate that chocolate walnut (correct spelling ar?) coz its tasteless plus it had a lot of nuts!. I know, the name shows but I hate it! boo you nuts!

HELLO 2010!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who suffered being a form 4 student!

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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