Sunday, January 24, 2010


You'll wonder if the person who behind this blog is still alive? Haha..
Okay fine, I am ! So no worries to whoever thought so..
Here's the deal, I'm gonna write about past year story that gonna make you guyz feel really weird and said "What's wrong with this gal?"


And he will not until he meet me! And that's it!
To whoever who wrote about his wedding on papers, "YOU GUYZ ARE STUPID!"
Seriously, please! Make a details or meet him and ask,"Are you married?" Don't you guyz learned about asking?
It was just a scene from a sinetron!
Don't just accused that he had married and post it on all over the paper!
Huh! Now I'm angry! You guyz make me cry for a day on all that fussy lying story, then doesn't even want to make another report about he denying from married with that Nay(something) gal!
urrgghh.. I hate you, REPORTERS!
You guyz are nothing but IDIOT!

Wanna sue me? Come on, do you think that I even scared, because is not me who make a stupid report! It's U guyz!
I found the news that he was not married just because of the sake that an innocent gal, called Munera told me (lucky me that I knew her) and I google it, and I found this

And this is what that make me angry to the max!

This gal called herself as Nay told the press that she and Dude were not even married. Fine I like that but what make me angry so much that she told the press that she is not Muslim and never gonna be! What! Who the hell you are that you are so dare to said you never gonna be Muslim. If that so, why you always said "Masyallah, Alhamdullilah and Ya ALLAH" when you're acting! You Idiot! You sir, have no rights to say "aku gak kepingin untuk jadi mualaf" if you wanna said such beautiful words! Urrghh... Doesn't she go to school? IDIOT!

Wo, how many bad words that I used today! but I really mad and anti to that jerk woman! Urrghh..

Wait till I meet her and slap her!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who hate Naysila Mirdad,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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