Sunday, January 24, 2010



Okay, I'm kinda busy to post this last week, so I'll post it today!
Last week, 16th of January, ma ayah had a 'Family Day' organized by his company-LEMBAGA GETAH MALAYSIA! LGM, you guyz rawk!
It was an awesome day, I really had fun! duhh.. It was Sunway Lagoon.....

I'm too lazy to write about it, so I just post some picto.. Enjoy...

I'm with Captain Quack! If you guyz noticed why I'm wearing a t-shirt tho that I had wear ma swimming suit, it was because I had some extra baggage surrounding ma buts and ma waist.

We're sitting in the VIP side. It was kinda cool tho that everyone eating in a tupperware, but we're not because we're sitting in a table serve just for us. THANKS AYAH FOR BEING A COOL DAD!

Look, I'm trying the poco poco dance.. Eww, trust me, ayah forced me to do it!

Those clowns were so funny!

Look, I'm doing the body art kinda thingy, make a noticed that ma hair was like suckish because I just went for a swim then I do the body art thingy... So, that's the results of wawa cyrus hair..

I'm the weird butterfly gal..

I'm so childish! Why do I ride alone? It was because I had a non-sporting sister! I wish abangah was there, it will be more fun and we could ride it together..


We ride it with some weird disgusting couple! Urgghh...

That splashing thingy was awesome dude!

Fuyoo.. It's ma first time seeing a tiger! Haaha.. Cant wait for our 'Khidmat Masyarakat!' because we will be going to a Zoo! Cool huh?

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who was kinda busy,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo

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