Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay, here's the story time babehh(read it with a slow motion and add ehh sound in the end)..

Yesterday we got our first assembly (actually it was the second assembly),
and I was incharge of doing the PA thingy coz I'm a dedication prefect! LOL!, then I saw a pair of tray full of FERRERO ROCHER! And I was like, yay, today is the day they gave us the FERRERO ROCHER for those who got straight A's for PMR! Actually, this was just ordinary present till we get the real one on "HARI KECEMERLANGAN".

So, I was super hyper about it, I told kak Hawatul about it, coz I, her and Wan Ting were incharge of that PA thingy, so we like sat together..
And I told her how excited I was to get the FERRERO ROCHER.. And she was like teasing me telling that ma name will not be called out.. And its truth! What! Ma name was not called out!

The story begins..
When the 8A's gurl had received their FERRERO ROCHER, and Pn Hasni just go on and read the 7A's gurl. And I was like sweet niblets!
Where's ma name, I started to cry, I felt horrible, I felt ashamed, and I kept asking where's ma name.. I cried and kak Hawatul was trying to help me cool down, and it went worse, I bursts while crying! Then, kak Ezza came, Shasha and Nadia came towards me to cool me down.. Suddenly Madame Kwan noticed that I'm crying, so she went towards me and first thing that she did was hugged me.. I cried even worse! Then Shasha told her that I've got straight A's but ma name was not called out.. So, Madame Kwan told Pn. Hasni, on that time Pn. Hasni was like done telling the straight A's gurl. She was like " Okay minta maaf, saya tertinggal lagi satu nama, dipersilakan NUR AZWA. Minta maaf ye semua.."(Hello, seriously ma name is just AZWA MALIZA! Not NUR AZWA) on that time Pn. Norlia was just sat, and she stood up again just to gave me the FERRERO ROCHER.. She knew I was crying (for god sake ma eyes were red) and she gave me the FERRERO ROCHER and gave me a triple kiss! WO.... I've got kissed by Pengetua! Super cool! Then the crowds were like "wooooo......." hahaaha...
and I was like walking infront of the teachers and they said " Azwa awak nangis ke?" and they were like laughing to me! They laughed about ma childineesshh because of that three FERRERO ROCHER!

Okay fine, is not just about the FERRERO ROCHER! Its about ma hardwork, ma pride to walk and get those infront of Pengetua, I want peeps to know that I've got straight A's. But it will not gonna happen just because they missed ma name! Its just not fair! NOT FAIR!

But all of this got sort of like wisdom from God, because of ma name was missed, I've got kissed by Pengetua and everyone were like "woooo..." and everywhere teachers were like sarcastic me for crying.. And I was okay about that.. And Allah had shows that I have a good friends, friends that will be there whenever I had something terrible happen to me, they will always there for me! Thanx guyz.. I luv y'all.. Even Fatinie wrote about this on her blog! Thanx, I luv y'all..

That was the moment that I never thought could be happening to me..

I havent eat that FERRERO ROCHER. I was thinking to frame it and hang it at ma bedroom wall.. hahaha(can I?)

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who wanted to keep that FERRERO ROCHER,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xoxo