Friday, December 16, 2011

The E.N.D Convent Prom Night

There are soo many words to describe how awesome that night was.. I cant even list them.. But it surely a night to be remembered! I had a blast night with ma gurlfriends!! It was freaking awesome to death!! And the performances were soo fantastic and amazing!! The one that really caught ma eyes and make me saying "OMG!! Awesome GILA!! OMG!!! COOL GILAAA!!! Like seriously???" countless time was from the Doomic Beatbox!!! He sounded like one edited beat version from a computer but he was only using his idk, might be his only mouth to make all the sounds!! Awesome man!!! And there were also Altimet and K-tow Clan!!!! Yo, this group of people was awesome and I just love how they delivered their songs!! It was AWESOME!! You people ROCK!!!!

Their banner!! And it surely shows how the night was!!!

This was the place!!! It was held in Bukit Mewah Club Kajang!!

The beautiful photo booth.

They don't have any disco ball, but they have this laser thingy!!!! Cool!

Welcoming me to the ballroom in Bukit Mewah Club Kajang.

Meet the registration gurls!!!
From left: Sook Teen, Yi May, Roshinee, Sook June, Darshini and me!

The ticket! It cost me RM85 to have em!

We had to be stamped by its label to make sure that we had checked in to it. And yeah, they gave us glow in the dark stick too!! So it will be more fun when the time to dance it off!!

I signed too!! Woot woot Click it la and try to find ma signature! Heheh

Shasha, Lee Ann, Celestine, Me

Ma twin, Elaine Ng! We were born on the same day and I did remember once we even celebrated our birthday together when we were like in standard 6! :') Aww miss our old moments!!

With Syaheera Arshad

The beautiful Celest, Me, Kogilavani

Soo Chin, Shasha, Me, Zu Leen, Kogilavani

Shasha, The sexiest Lee Ann, Me

Me and Shaleen, the one who behind all this awesomeness night!!

Zai, Shasha, Syaheera, Erlyy, Me, Intan, Idk her name, Ayu

With Intan and her boyfriend.

With Erlyy and her boyfriend.

I met Jash too! And he won the best dress for guy.
From left: Soo Chin, Kogilavani, Elaine, Jash, Me, Shasha

Me, Liyana, Nisa, Shasha

Mr. Bajet, Me, Shasha
They were like, "Eh ade bob taw. Die datang." And I was like sape bob?? Lepas tu they all were like pointing to him and I was "Owwwhhhhhh......" haha, aku dah lupa nickname comey kau tu..

With Kak Vanessa

We, as me and Shasha, we arrived late and as the results we don't have any place to sit. They were all full. Then we were like mingling around, playing with the camera until I decided to sit with a couple of Chinese guys. Heheh. I was like "Excuse me, ade orang tak??" Then one of them replied to me "Eh, duduk-duduk. Takde orang." Eheheheheheh..

Our table mate.. Ngeh Ngeh

The food.
Surely it looks very simple but this is one food that will make you full in one hectic dancing night!

Playing with the balloons with Felicia and Ying Bing. Ngeh ngeh

Lights off! Time for the awesome performances!!

The performances started with May Yie and her friends. She sang very beautiful!

Then we have here, the awesome Doomic Beatbox guy!!! I love him to death!! He did it very awesome man!! I am so speechless when he performed it!! You rock man!! You really do!

Next was Altimet! These guys were awesome!!

Then we had a crazy dance with The K-tow Clan!!! They sang 3 songs that had make us dance to their beat.. They were like crazy man. The guys even did some shuffles.. Gila betul..

Then another crazy performances by Idk who they are. Ngeh ngeh. But the vocalist sounds really good!!

Finaly, it was ma turned to perform!! The rockstar evuhh! I was rock! I sang ma heart out!! No silly!! I dont sing and I dont have the courage too.. Gila ape, the gurls will throw their heels to me!!

As you can see here how mad they were. All the gurls were like wearing really really 'high' heels so that they will look pretty and tall. Yet they wanted to dance gracefully without having to fall down like a dot dot dot. So they took off their heels and dance with barefooted. Gila kan?

Celest as the Prom Queen and This Guy as the Prom King. It was all based on our voted!

After they announced all the winners, it was dance time babyy!! The lights were off again and there was this guy holding a flash and keep flashing us with the flasher. And it was super awesome!! Everyone dance to the beat. But they were all over the limit. I tak sanggup nak joined. Then me and Shasha did not joined the dance group. We go to the back, playing with the camera.. We took a lot of pictos.

Actually earlier, I don't dance that hard because in the dance group, there were like only the three of us who wore tudung, and it was a bit awkward to have our move on. So I just gelek-gelek siket. How lame, I should just dance ma heart out that night but it was okay. I did enjoy tho.

I was drunk!! Haha. Joking! There is halal written at the bottle and do take note that it was only white grape!!

This is the gift for that night!

We were like so thirsty, and we went to the bar to find any drink that were sold. Yeah, we have em now!!! And there were sold with really unreasonable price, kejam gila!

Do enjoy ma late and very short post. I'll post more if I can on the next post. Anyway, as you can see, I type countless awesome word in this post meant that, that night was REALLY AWESOME you people!!! I love The E.N.D Convent Prom Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who really had a blast night with her gurlfriends,

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muahmuah xox