Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a late post.

I have A LOT to post about these days lately.. But it seems that I'm too lazy and I just don't know why.. Right now ma aim to live are all about sleeping!! Sometimes I slept for hours and that is soo NOT normal.. That ain't good because that will just not helping me to lose weights.. Grr.. But now I have the courtesy to do it so, so no worries.. I'm back in ma blogging mood.

Let first talk about ma day with Esh.. I spend a day hanging out with Esh, Syeera and their cousin Nina whose a year younger than us.. And that kept bothering her because we were all like"Yay SPM dah over!! Yay!! No more school!!" Yay here and there.. She kept rolling her eyes.. Haha.. Poor her.. Too bad that you were going out with us because that will happened!

We went for karaoke and ate at Pizza Hut. Those karaoke moments were really awesome!! I really had a blast time with Esh and Nina! We sang our hearts out and not to mention ma throat was killing on that day.. The reason why is because I sang like there was no mic at all.. Well there were obviously but you know la me kan, I kan speak louder than a speaker, and that was what ma friend told me before.. haha.. It just me, you cant change that part of me.. And Syeera didnt sing because she said that karaoke-ing is not her thing.. So she ended up playing with her Ipad.. haha.. Pretty bad because karaoke is an awesome thing ya know.. An its okay, everyone is different right and like matluthfi told us, accept differences.. Owh not to mentioned that we were the first customer who arrived at the Music Box and I was like "Yeah we lifeless people!!" Haha. I thought it was a bit shamed because there was no one and we're the first customer.. Till then, after us is many more who came to that Music Box.. Malu nak masuk dulu lah tu. Haha

So let me show you some picto.. There are just few because I was using Esh's dslr and its not mine.. So malaslah nak ambik lebih-lebih kan.. So have fun..

me and Esh..
Spot ma ultimate mole on ma forehead. =='' stupid! That was just an undone pimple which bugging me all the time!! But it was all gone now!! meheh.. Me is soo happy..Going to be good on ma prom.. Have to be GOOD!!

In the Pizza Hut.

Presenting, Syeera and Nina.

And this is the food which had make me regret for days eating them.. There were like cheesy and cheesy and cheesy.. Yeah it was cheesy.. Plus it was actually the supreme cheesy something lah.. Idk what does it called.. Yet it was cheesy and I was getting fatter! Not helping!

There was actually a story behind the scene at the Pizza Hut.. I was the first one who entered that Pizza Hut's restaurant and a waiter had bumped into me and was saying "Yes KAKAK, Silakan duduk." Yeah, and thanks to him I was not in the mood through out our time in the Pizza Hut.. Hello I was only SEVENTEEN!! Okay?? It just that I have issue on this.. Blaargh.. I know, who cares? But still, I am obviously younger than him but it just the matter that I am taller than him doesn't mean I am older than you, you rempit-looking guy.. Grr.. Yeah, I am mad now!! And this incident again happened to me when I was about to buy ma beauty products and this one promoter who had an age like an auntie suggest me to buy Safi's product.. Which I don't want to because I am using other products, then she asked me "You ni ade umur macam itu dua puluh han la.. Ini Safi bagus punye untuk kulit you"*take a note that this auntie is a Chinese so she speaks with Chinese slang. And with anger that I managed to control "Sorry ar auntie, saya tak pakai ini Safi la, and saya baru habis SPM!!!!" Grr.. Whats wrong with all these people!! Whats wrong with you guys!! I am a tall young teenage gurl!! Not that I am looking older than ma age.. This was just pissing me off.. I'm frustrated with this kind of people.. Grr.. I have issue on this okay.. Just try to understand me..

And yeah, I had just finished watching Dream High.. Taecyeon was SUPER MAJOR HOT!! I'm sorry Azreen, but I had melted for him.. hehe. And Kim Soo-Hyun is not that bad too.. But in Dream High he was just to naive and boring yet Taecyeon was the person who understands Suzy better.. I wished I had Go Hye Mi characters, whose really a heartless, am not an easy going person, not even a happy go lucky gurl and always sit back quietly and give a sharp look to anyone who pissed her off.. She just be in her world yet people around her accept her the way she is and I think that her attitude was COOL!! Haha, but being quiet?? Is a big tasked for me, I cant maybe I can try but I just cant.. That was not me and its hard to try for.

There are a lot of moral values in Dream High, I bet y'all. I cry for like every episodes!! Hehe.. Its about achieving one's dreams.. Should watch earlier before SPM then it will burn ma spirit to work more harder, lucky Azreen that she watched it before SPM.

Too much to talk about Dream High. Let just let you guys watch it first.. Maybe on the next post I talked about it.. It just that I'm too lazy and I'm sleepy..

Till the next post.. Going to watch other Korean series and maybe will be watching Protect The Boss as Doda asked me too, because it got her Jae Joong in there.. Hahaha

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is sleepy right now and is making her way to her bed,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xox

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