Thursday, December 8, 2011

ooo.. daddy and little gurl bonding times

Hello people..
How was your day?? Having those awesomeness day yet??
Today am not doing anything, just wanted to share ma bonding times with Ayah.. Ayah had been retiring from his job and now he is doing something kot.. Few works had not been done yet and Ayah is preparing himself for his project now and next week he'll be flying to Chiang Mai if I'm not mistaken. So, I'll be left alone in ma house then.. Haih~ sigh

This few days, without Kak Tuy, ma maid who was not around, is just me and Ayah were in the house.. And yeah, we do spent a lot of time together.. From eating lunch together to watching tv's together.. Ngeh ngeh.. I'm sure to be having a lot of great times because I am a daddy's daughter.. I remember this one day that me and Ayah had to pick the laundry together.. Aww.. So cute!! I felt soo blessed that I was actually managed to be having this experienced before I am totally be a grown up. This is nothing that we could easily get and I'm sure to tell this story to ma future children. Meheh~ And Ayah also cooked dinner for us today!

Ayah is someone who is so unpredictable. He is ma hero and everything. I just love him so much!! And to be spending time with him was no regret. Before I went to MJSC Kuantan, I used to go shopping with him and we done the same thing now! When I was in Kuantan, I miss ma old times spending time with Ayah, but not now.. I am soo loving ma time here.. Yeah, I still remember how badly I was wanted to watch High School musical 3 which was held in cinema, and that time Abangah and Kak Long were not around because both of them were in boarding school and University respectively. So I did force Ayah to take me to the cinema because back then, I was a BIG fan of HSM, duuuuh.. HSM was so in on that time. So when the day came, it was just me and Ayah were in the cinema, and few kids were around too, joining us. Ayah whose never watch HSM 1 and HSM 2, just be in that cinema to watch HSM 3 with me. Such a sweet dad. I just love Ayah soo much!! Hehe.. Who else that is soo lucky than me to be having such a great father. hearts~

This was during Ayah's Birthday and I was like 14. After went back from school there was some picto sessions for Ayah's Birthday and I just went straight away without changing ma uniforms to have me in the picto.. Heheh.

Owh and yesterday, I met ma soul sister, who else, its Natasha!! Ma only babyy gurl!! Haha, Hanna will be mad if she read this, you too are ma babyy gurl Hanna.

Looking at ma old pics, I just missed our old moments together. She is a BIG gurl now and a lot of differences that had happened to you, Sha. You are just growing up to be a really beautiful and a great lady. With those specs to.. :')

Here are some of our old pictos,

Shasha and me
The oldest one, hahaha.. I look like a gay here. This was when we both were only 14.

Now we're talking baby. Haha. This was us when we were 15, getting better with the look ay?? :)

This was when Shasha's brother get engaged, we helped by carrying the hantaran.

And now just look at her, how she transformed to be so matured-look like with her specs everything. Looking at above pictos, she also had been growing taller now.. Nak dekat sama dah tinggi kiteorng sekarang. No way, NOT A CHANCE!! Haha

You just don't know how badly I miss our old moments together.. We were like belangkas back then in Convent and we still do now.. Meeting you yesterday was such a blast!! Cant wait for us to go for a shopping finding our dresses to PROM. :)

Currently listening to Dream High OST now. I am soo mad with them now.. Their musics are just awesome.. It just that I no nothing about K-pop. I'm sure there are a lot of better K-pop songs than Dream High OST but right now I'm just into Dream High OST so don't stop me..

Kay, bai! Till next post people...

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who is right on track for her diet plan,

wawa cyrus

muahmuah xox

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