Saturday, December 24, 2011

A very beautiful wedding day..

Wokaay, Hello ma dear world..

Its been a really great day to me.. Meeting ma old best friends.. Hahaha, its been a while tak borak with ma dear Abang Busu and meeting him today was really great and fun.. We shared a lot of things today and I was very happy to meet ma two old best friends too which were Lokman and Syuk.. Syuk memang sengaja suka cari gaduh with me today.. Well, friends... LOL

So it was Aizat's sister's wedding, Kak Liyana. I envy her soo much, she just graduated from a medic Universities in London and get married to an engineer whose was graduated in master from a very famous Universities in London too.. Lucky her!! Plus she was really pretty, at first when I saw her I was like, "Gooossh.. cantiknya!!!" Btw, the info stated above were pretty not so sure.. Ngeh ngeh, it was based on Aizat's story.. So if it was all a mistake, don't judge me yeh Aizat's family.. And and I wanted to do medic at first for ma first choice which practically the only choice that I wanted to do when I further ma studies, but Aizat was ever being a bully which was to convince me to NOT EVER taking medic as ma course in Universities.. Kejam sungguh!! And and his second sister also told me the same thing because the way they seen Kak Liyana did her work as a Dr under houseman-ship*don't judge me because I don't even know the exact spelling either* was really stressing. T^T
Now, thanks to Aizat, I don't have any career.. tsk tsk Still thinking on reconsidering ma choice.. Why things have to be so hard on me.. tsk tsk

So here is the pretty lady that I told you before,

Princess of the day, from left:
Shasha, Kak Liyana's husband, Kak Liyana, Me

Very beautiful pelamin!! Simple yet very pretty.

Their wedding cake.

The purpose why I posted this very meaningless picture was because.......

Shasha, ma very one and only kind cousin who willingly to accompany me to Aizat's sister's wedding. She haven't perform her Asar prayer, which I don't have too because I was given a chance to not too where practically it was legal to a gurl when they have those time in a month.. So just don't bother me why I am not performing ma prayer. There was a story behind all these. When Aizat asked Shasha, does she wants to perform her prayer here and Shasha answered yes. Then Aizat took us to her sister's bedroom which practically the bridal room.

And I was like:

" Wait, ni bilik pengantin yeh??"

Aizat: A'ah kenapa??

Me: Ko gila ke ape??!! Ni bilik pengantin laaa!!!

Aizat: Owh, bukan kalau nak sembahyang kena sembahyang kat bilik pengantin ke??

Me and Shasha: *Speechless =.=''

Aizat with his blushing face went downstairs and said: Kakaaaaak... dot dot dot

LOL, silly him.. Takkan la Shasha will be performing her prayer in the bridal room which had been deco with really romantic and beautiful plus awesome stuff!!! Crazy!! So we switched to another room downstairs, second floor room instead of Kak Liyana's room. Glad~

While Shasha was performing her prayer, I spot this picture, Aizat's. When he was really really young!! LOL I told him, aku tahu ini kau, and he was like.. Mane ade.. BUKAN!! Hahaha.. Tak nak mengaku.. And Idk why this picture rotated like this where I already had rotated it before uploading it, never mind then.. Lets turn our head then to the left!!

I took this picture when I was in upstairs waiting for Shasha to finish her prayers.. Really nice house you had Aizat, very lucky!!

The door gift!!

Aizat's friend, Syuk, Aizat, Lokman, Me, Shasha

I told them to be at least a cool person because they were very stiff when taking a picture. Don't be so formal la haiyoo. Then, here was the result. Failed!! HAHAX

It was really a great day! Aizat had a very nice family. His sisters were very friendly especially his second sister. His house was amazingly fantastic. Very big and beautiful. The event went smoothly and the food was awesome too. We should do this more frequently.. So to ma dear friends, kawin la cepat and buat kenduri because I had a thought that wedding day was really fun to gather together and had a small reunion with friends. Lastly was, today was really FUN!!! Btw, fyi we were the last one who went back home.. Hahaha..

And a very BIG congratulations to ma dear junior in MJSC Kuantan. They managed to get 99 students with straight A's in PMR!!!! Congrats you people.. You really make me proud of you guys. :')

And to ma one and only cousin who took PMR this year, Boboy, congrats to you too for getting straight A's.. Lepas ni take me out and belanja me makan!!

another day, another story, another me,

by a teenage gurl who really enjoy her day with her old best friends,

wawa cyrus



  1. tengkiu wishing us ! sorry curi2 tengok blog akak ! kalau marah sorry cangat2 ! tp you are good in english very well :D

  2. haha. naah. its okay. blog ni blog umum.. so everyone can read it okay ma dear. Lagi ramai baca lagi akak suka. :)
    btw, korang memang hebat!! keep up your good momentum. nanti spm make kuantan be no 1 okay, kiteorang dah tak dapat dah. well, takde rezeki. :)